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Catalogue is a
A.List or register containing names of all the species found in a particular place.
B.Booklet contains all the characters and their alternates which are helpful in identifying all the taxa.
C.Handy book containing instruction of species.
D.Treatise having all information about a particular taxon.

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Hint: A catalogue is a list of things or data kept or stored in a single book or object. A catalogue is also spelt as catalogue. It can be a list of anything, arranged in some order, and when you list things, you catalogue them.

Complete answer:
The catalogue is a complete collection of an alphabetical list of items, which are generally given with extra details. It may be a book, usually illustrated, containing details of items for sale, especially used by mail-order companies It consists of a single integrated species checklist and taxonomic hierarchy. The Catalogue holds essential information such as names, relationships and distributions of over 1.9 million species.
The four types of library catalogues are:
- Card catalogue.
- Book catalogue.
- COM catalogue.
- Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
the correct option is A.List or register containing names of all the species found in a particular place.

Additional information:
Every year OPA (Online Public Access) members will receive a beautiful colour catalogue which contains the paintings, which is exhibited in the National Juried Exhibition. This catalogue contains a picture of each painting and a list of all exhibitors and current members.

Note:The data entered in the catalogue depends on the enlistment of plant assortments and woodland tree species which is called fundamental material. The Commission draws up an EU list so that area, so that the fundamental for deciding whether a specific material is reasonable for a site.
the inner forms of library catalogue contain or differentiated into different kinds of catalogues like Card catalogue, Sheaf catalogue, Printed catalogue, Book catalogue, Dictionary catalogue, Alphabetic-classed catalogue, Visible index, Microform catalogue, Machine Readable catalogue, and etc.