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How many of the birds in the list given below are exotic breeds of the hen?
Aseel, Black Bengal, Minorca, White leghorn, Plymouth rock.
(a) Five
(b) Four
(d) Two

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Exotic breed develops in other countries, not in the native countries. The exotic breed is superior to the indigenous breed, hence it is costlier, and to make it suitable for other countries this breed is crossed with the indigenous breed by crossbreeding technique.

Complete answer:
Exotic breed superior over indigenous breed because the exotic breed is disease resistant and its production is also high. The exotic hen is of different types some are useful in high meat production and some lay a large number of eggs. The exotic breed is formed by crossing the superior breed with the indigenous breed and the offspring which obtain resemble both of the parents and can tolerate any type of environmental conditions.
 Minorca, white leghorn, and Plymouth is considered an exotic breed of hen.
-Minorca- Minorca belongs to the Mediterrane island of Menorca, in the southeast of Spain. Because of its beautiful shape and glazy color it is also called senorita, it is flighty and noisy and it is also a well-known exhibition bird. It lays 120 eggs per year but it is not acceptable for its meat.
-White leghorn- Originated in Italy but its demand is also high in other countries like England, Canada, Australia, and the US. White leghorn egg production is high which is 280 eggs per year. There are many varieties of leghorn but single comb white leghorn is considered the best one.
-Plymouth rock- Most popular chicken in the United state and it is one of the oldest breeds of America. It is used for both meat and egg and it lays 200 brown eggs per year. For grocery use cross were performed between white Plymouth rock and cornish chicken.

Additional Information: Aseel- It originated in India and is common in Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, and Punjab. It lays 40 light brown eggs per year. It has a well-muscled body and it is preferred for its meat. It is also known as the fighter bird.
Black Bengal- Originated from Dhar, Bastar, and Madhya Pradesh. It is mostly preferred by Adivasis, it has high-fat content in its meat. It is also called kali Masi and Kedarnath. It produces 80 eggs on average per year. Due to high meat consumption is at the threat of extinction.
So, the correct answer is Three.

Note: To save indigenous and exotic species from extinction the government has started many schemes, this scheme provides the loan to settle down poultry farms by which the production gets an increase. According to a report, 34 breeds of hen are in threat of extinction.