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Biogas is an eco-friendly fuel. Give reason.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: We need to know what biogas is and why it is considered as an eco-friendly fuel. The process of producing biogas and its usage contribute to it being called eco-friendly. The main and primary composition of biogas is methane and carbon-dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen and hydrogen are also present in minute quantities along with traces of other gases. These components are produced as a result of breakdown of organic matter by microorganisms.

Complete answer:
-We have to remember that the biogas production takes place in a biogas plant from the decomposition of organic wastes by microorganisms and is considered as an eco-friendly fuel due to the following reasons:
-Biogas is produced by breaking down and fermentation of organic wastes by microorganisms hence it is considered to be an effective way for the disposal of organic wastes.
-The decomposition takes place in the absence of oxygen hence there is no form of combustion involved and therefore no emission of gases in the atmosphere.
-It is a renewable source of energy.
-The production of biogas does not exploit natural resources of the earth.
-Biogas lowers the dependency of humans on non-renewable sources of energy such as fossil fuels, oils, coals, etc.
-The by-product of the generation of biogas is used as a substitute for chemical fertilizers.
-The production is a low cost process and can also be produced by simply using animal manure and kitchen biodegradable wastes and the gas produced can be used for cooking or to generate electricity.
-In developing areas where fire woods are used for cooking, use of biogas has reduced the cutting down of trees for woods and hence reduced deforestation

We have to know that the large scale production of biogas is still not efficient for a large population due to lack of investment by the government in this sector. Also, the use of biogas in automobiles is still not considered to be efficient since it may contain some impurities which may corrode metal parts of automobiles. In extremely cold and extremely hot areas, constant biogas supply is not possible as microorganisms need an optimum temperature of 37 degrees to digest the waste products.