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Benzamide on reaction with $ POC{l_3} $ gives.

Last updated date: 05th Mar 2024
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Hint :In order to this question, to know the product when benzamide react with $ POC{l_3} $ , we should go through the reaction of them, as we know $ POC{l_3} $ is a dehydrating agent, we will also explain the dehydrating agent in brief.

Complete Step By Step Answer:
Benzamide on reaction with $ POC{l_3} $ gives benzonitrile. $ POC{l_3} $ ​ acts as a dehydrating agent.
An amide group is a carboxyl group bound to an amine group in benzamide. The carboxyl group, as well as the two hydrogen atoms of the amine group, are separated during decarboxylation.
As a result, the resulting compound is benzonitrile, which has a single nitrite attached to the extended benzene bond through an unsaturated bond. This is an illustration of a 'dehydration reaction.'
A dehydrating agent is a chemical that dries or extracts water from a product. As dehydration occurs in a chemical reaction, the reacting molecule loses a molecule of water. Dehydrating agents used in these types of chemical reactions include sulphuric acid, concentrated phosphoric acid, hot aluminium oxide, and hot ceramic.

Note :
The parent of the benzamide class. Benzamide comes in a white powder form. The degradation of benzoate through CoA ligation produces benzamide as an intermediate. Benzamides are a group of chemical compounds derived from Benzamide, benzoic acid's carbonic acid amide.
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