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Basic event in reproduction is the creation of DNA copy.
A. True
B. False

Last updated date: 23rd Jun 2024
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Hint: Reproduction is the process by which organisms replicate themselves or make a copy of them. Offspring carry the same genetic material like the parent. DNA carries genetic information.

Complete answer:
DNA is the genetic material of each cell and keys for the production of every type of cell proteins that control the function of the living organisms. For reproduction, it is necessary to replicate or produce the copy of its own DNA. In sexual reproduction, haploid cells are formed by mitosis and meiosis processes. Then, haploid cells carry genetic material from the parents and get fused to form zygote.

In asexual reproduction like binary fission or budding, daughter cells are directly formed from single parent. Before cell division, DNA or genetic material is fully replicated and its two copies have been formed. In both processes, Daughter cells or offspring carry the genetic material from their parents. This genetic material is formed from DNA replication which is a semiconservative.

Thus, each newly formed cell possesses all the information from the mother cell which can be possible only when replicated DNA is acquired by the daughter cells.

Hence, The correct answer is, option (A), True.

Additional information:
DNA is acting as a genetic material which carries genetic information and encodes proteins and enzymes which is the characteristics of the cell. In prokaryotic cells, DNA replication is carried out in cell cytoplasm while in eukaryotic cells, it occurs in cell nucleus. After replication, the cell enters in division.

Note: To reproduce a single cell, it is necessary to replicate or produce a copy of DNA. To produce DNA, it has to undergo a process of DNA replication, which is nothing but the creation of new DNA copy.