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Basic difference between an electric line of force and magnetic lines of force is that the former is discontinuous and the latter is continuous or endless.
No electric lines of force exist inside a charged body but magnetic lines do exist inside a magnet.

1) Both Assertion and Reason are correct and reason in the correct explanation for Assertion.
2) Both Assertion and Reason are correct but Reason is not the correct explanation for Assertion.
3) Assertion is correct but reason is incorrect.
4) Assertion is incorrect but reason is correct.

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Hint:The pictorial representation of electric field is done through electric field lines. These electric field lines have some properties, rules and certain applications. Its purpose is to make the understanding of the electric field better and the similar case is with the magnetic field lines.

Complete step by step solution:
Here, we know that electric field lines are imaginary lines and are not real. There are properties on which these electric field lines would work these are:
-The electric field lines which are imaginary in nature go from a positive charge and end at a negative charge.
-If at a given point one draws a tangent to an electric field line then the tangent would give the direction of the electric field at that point.
-The electric field lines are parallel with each other and they can’t intersect.
-The closer the electric field lines are closer to each other the more strength the electric field would have.

Similarly, like electric field lines magnetic field lines are also imaginary and its properties are:
-It is a visual tool used for representing magnetic fields. They tell us about the direction of the magnetic force of a north monopole at a particular given position.
-The density of the magnetic field lines is proportional to the magnetic field strength. The magnetic field lines are denser to a magnetic pole and less dense when it is going outwards.
-The magnetic field lines begin from the north pole and would end at the south pole.
-The magnetic field lines form a loop. i.e. they pass through the magnet. Outside the magnet they would go from North to South but inside the magnet they would go from South to North.

By the above properties of magnetic and electric fields it is clear that the electric field lines originate and ends at form positive charge to charge and therefore are discontinuous, while the magnetic fields lines originates from North pole and goes to South pole and inside the magnetic it's just opposite and hence, they form a loop and are continuous in nature.

Final Answer:Option “1” is correct. Both Assertion and Reason are correct and reason in the correct explanation for Assertion

Note:Here, we need to explain the properties of electric field lines and magnetic field lines and how they are different from one another. While explaining the properties the assertion and the reason given for the assertion comes out to be true.