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Aspirin should not be taken in an empty stomach, why?

Last updated date: 18th Jun 2024
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Hint: The aspirin is a commonly used analgesics. It is an acetyl derivative of salicylic acid. The hydrolysis is the major reason for the stability of the aspirin. Aspirin is a weak acid. The stomach has a low level of acid. The consumption of the acidic substance causes increases in the acidity of the stomach.

Complete step by step answer:
The chemical substances which are used to relieve pains without causing impairment of consciousness, mental confusion, incoordination or paralysis, or some other disturbances of the nervous system are called the analgesics.
The common non-addictive analgesics are aspirin and paracetamol.
Aspirin is a 2-acetoxy benzoic is an anhydride derivative of salicylic acid. It inhibits the synthesis of compounds known as prostaglandins which stimulate inflammation in the tissue and cause pain. These drugs are effective in relieving skeletal pain such as that due to arthritis.
Aspirin is a more important non-narcotic drug. It is synthesized from the salicylic acid. The structure of the aspirin is as shown below:
seo images

Aspirin is supposed to be toxic to the liver. The aspirin is hydrolysed in presence of an acidic and basic medium.
The stomach has a low hydrogen concentration as equal to the $\text{ pH =1 }$ .The aspirin when consumed, gets hydrolysed by the hydrochloric acid in the stomach. When aspirin is hydrolysed, it degrades into the salicylic acid and the acetic acid. The reaction of the hydrolysis of aspirin is as shown below:
seo images

The $\text{ pH }$ of the salicylic acid is $\text{ 2}\text{.4 }$. The stomach has a low level of $\text{ pH }$. When aspirin is consumed in the empty stomach, the aspirin hydrolysis and the salicylic acid decreases the $\text{ pH }$ of the stomach. This causes stomach retching, irritation, or even stomach ache. Sometimes it can be so severe that it causes stomach bleeding. It increases the acidity of the stomach.
Therefore, do not take aspirin medication on an empty stomach. It is advised to have food before the consumption of aspirin.

Note: Aspirin has also been very popular because it has antipyretic properties. Now, it is used in the prevention of heart attack because it has anti-blood-clotting action. Also, many other potential applications of aspirin presently under investigation, include pregnancy-related complications, viral inflammation in $\text{ AIDS }$ patients, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, cancer, etc. Salicylic acid is inflammatory thus it is derivative into aspirin.