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Arsenic drugs are mainly used in the treatment of:
A. Jaundice
B. Typhoid
C. Syphilis
D. Cholera

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Hint: Arsenic is a chemical element represented by the symbol and has atomic number 33. It occurs in many minerals with the combination of sulfur and metals and it is kept in the category of metalloid. It has a number of allotropes.

Complete answer:
Arsenic is a trace element which is found in many food items which include seafood, poultry, grains like in rice, bread, cereal products, mushrooms and dairy products. Some forms of arsenic are used in medicines too and these drugs also have some serious side-effects on the human body. Arsenic trioxide is used to cure blood cancer and also used to cure asthma, cough, pain and swelling.
Out of all these options arsenic drugs are mainly used in the treatment of Syphilis. Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the bacteria called treponema pallidum subspecies and this disease can also be transferred from mother to baby during pregnancy or by giving birth to a child. It is a four stage disease and symptoms of diseases are seen as the stage. An example of this drug includes arsphenamine or Salvarsan. These drugs are much more toxic for the bacteria spirochete which causes syphilis as compared to human beings.

Hence we can say that option C is the correct answer.

Rather than drugs, arsenic has many known applications like arsenic used in lead batteries like in car batteries and also as dopant in semiconductor devices. It can also be used as pesticides, herbicides and insecticides. But we consider it as toxic in nature.