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What are the uses of biodiversity?

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Hint: Ecosystem: It is an interaction between living and non- living components. It consists of two main components: Biotic and abiotic components.
Ecosystems provide habitat to various plants and animals. It helps in recycling of nutrients from biotic and abiotic components.

Complete answer:
Ecosystem: It is defined as a group or system in which living and non living components of the environment interact with each other through nutrient cycle or by the food chain.
Ecosystem is controlled by various factors such as external and internal factors.
Its factor includes: climate, topography, material for soil formation.
Internal Factors includes: Decomposition, shading, root competition.

Basically, an ecosystem composed of two main components.
> Biotic components - They are the living component of an ecosystem, for example organisms, such as plants and animals .
> Abiotic components - They are non- living which have both chemical and physical factors in the environment that affect ecosystems, for example water, light, minerals, soil, glasses etc.

Biodiversity is a biological diversity which means different kinds of life forms are present on the earth.
Major components of biodiversity are ecosystems diversity, species diversity, and genetic diversity.

Biodiversity is important in many ways:
- The large number of microorganisms and worms are responsible for formation of soil and its maintenance.
- Large diversity in plants means a large variety of food crops on which almost all the animals depend directly or indirectly for food.
- The organic waste is decomposed by the microbes, worms, insects, etc. which is important to balance.
- Many plants and trees or their products are medically important and help in curing diseases in animals as well as humans.
- All living forms are interdependent one or the other way
- Biodiversity is the key in maintaining food-chain, ecosystem and sustainability among the life forms.

Note: Biosphere: It is a part or portion on the surface of earth where life exists. It includes the portion of land, air, water.
It is very important to regulate the climate. It is very important for living organisms because it is termed as the zone of life on earth.