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What are the disadvantage of large family size
A. Improper parental care to all
B. Fun at the festive season
C. Scarcity of proper nutrition and attention
D. Both A and C

Last updated date: 22nd Jun 2024
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Hint: In a large family, parents with limited resources and finances are unable to take care of their children properly. They are unable to provide their children with basic necessities like nutrition, education, and access to medical care.

Complete answer:
Families in which parents have more than two children is known as a large family. Today there is an increase in population. With the growth of population in the world, the demand for food has also increased. Earlier people had surplus food because the population was less than the production. In the course of time, the population explosion has increased the demand for producing more food. The whole world is suffering from a deficiency of food, so children of large families mostly suffer from malnutrition due to the absence of sufficient food.
Due to insufficient earnings in large families, the children do not have access to education, food, and medicinal care. In a large family, both parents work to provide their children's basic requirements, due to which parents cannot properly take care of their children. They are unable to form bonds with their children. So from the above detail in large families, parents are unable to give proper parental care to their children and children have to suffer scarcity of proper nutrition and attention.
So, the correct answer is (D).

Note: The second most populated country in the world is India. The leading reason for overpopulation is poverty and illiteracy Due to high illiteracy in India people are not aware of the problem of large family size.