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What are the benefits of mixing ethanol with petrol and diesel?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Whenever ethanol is mixed with petrol and diesel, carbon dioxide emission from automobiles reduces. As a result, pollution decreases.

Complete step by step answer: The ethanol when mixed with petrol and diesel, serves as a great cleaning agent for car engines over a long run. It also helps to increase and improve the quantity of fuel. Ethanol can't be used directly in its pure form because it causes the damage of engine components due to dry run. Due to this, the production cost of ethanol is low as compared to fossil fuels. The loss of mileage from use of ethanol blend results in the ethanol molecule containing less energy value than gasoline. The energy value in petroleum fuels is the function of the number of carbon bonds in the molecule. Since ethanol is used to oxygenate the gasoline mixture, which in the turn allows the fuel to burn more completely and therefore, produce cleaner emissions.

Additional information: Ethanol is also considered a gasoline additive. We're able to get the diesel engine to burn ethanol. We take the diesel engine design and implement it into the high-temperature combustion systems. Also, other biofuels, such as jatropha, have often proven to be commercially unviable. While India has become one of the top producers of ethanol in recent years, it lags top producers, the US and Brazil, by a huge margin and remains inefficient in terms of the water usage.

Note: Ethanol mixed with petrol or diesel is less harmful than petrol or diesel alone. It causes less pollution because the less carbon monoxide is liberated from combustion. Addition of ethanol reduces the cost of fuel as the ethanol is cheaper