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How are alleles and genes related?

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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Hint: A different form of a gene is known as an allele. Some genes have a number of different types that are found on a chromosome at the same location, or genetic locus. Alleles are called different variants of the same gene. Genes may have two probable alleles or more. Two alleles, or variants, of each gene are available to individual humans.

Complete answer:
Genes are DNA sections that specify certain features or traits. Proteins that affect things such as the immune system, skin pigmentation, hormone development, and eye colour are encoded by chromosomes. Genes are transmitted by the ancestors of an offspring, and they are responsible for transferring characteristics from one generation to the next. The genotype of an organism consists of its entire gene pool.

There is a special genotype for every individual, which describes the broad spectrum of human appearance and biology. They will take on several forms as genes mutate, with each form varying significantly in the sequence of their base DNA. Both gene variants all code for the same phenotype, but they vary in how the trait is expressed (i.e. hair colour) (i.e. brown vs blonde hair).

We are classified as diploid species because humans have two gene variants for each gene. For a given phenotype, this inheritance means that people have two gene copies, one inherited by their mother and the other from their parents. Maternal alleles and paternal alleles are known as these. It is how these alleles interact that special features are responsible for.

Note: The baby derives 23 chromosomes (long strands of DNA) from each parent as humans procreate. The same set of genes are found in each matched chromosome pair, with specific genes located at certain positions known as the gene locus.