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Archegoniophore is present in …………

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Archegoniophore is present in the genus of liverworts which are ribbon-like plants and commonly found on moist clay or silty soils. Archegonia are borne on the stalk or outer growth of the bryophytes and algae body.

Complete step by step answer:
Archegoniophore is present in Marchantia. Marchantia is a genus in the family of Marchantiaceae. Both male and female Marchantia have an umbrella-like stalked reproductive structure. Archegoniophore is a stalk-like structure on which female sex organs are borne. The hanging part below the epidermis is known as rhizoids. It is used for attaching and also helps in absorbing nutrients.
Sexual reproduction in Marchantia is oogamous. Oogamous means a reproduction in which the male gamete is motile and females gametes are immotile. Water is essential for its reproduction.
The alternation of generation is seen in Marchantia. Alteration of generation is seen in that organism that has different sexual and asexual stages.
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The main body of plant or algae or fungi is known as a Thallus. Thallus has a tiny cup-like structure known as a gemma cup. The most common method of vegetative propagation is by specialized asexual multicellular bodies, referred to as gemmae. they're born in large numbers in small receptacles called gemma cups present on the dorsal surface of the thallus within the midrib region.

Note: Fertilization in Marchantia takes place with the help of water. Antherozoids are sprayed with the help of rainwater. After that, antherozoids swim and reach up to the egg. Once reached to the egg, one sperm fuses the egg and completes the process of fertilization.