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Animals which eat herbivorous animals for food are called as
(A) Autotrophs
(B) Herbivores
(C) Carnivorous
(D) Omnivorous

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Hint: Organisms that produce their own food are called autotrophs. Green plants are classified as producers. Other creatures rely on them as food. They are called heterotrophs. This heterotrophic organism is divided into different types according to its prey.

Complete answer:
Heterotrophs are divided into three types: herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. If the organisms only feed on plants, they are called herbivores. Rabbits, cows, and deer all fall into this category. If the organisms that feed on the other living organisms are called carnivores. They are two types as primary and the secondary carnivores. If organisms feed on herbivores, they are called primary carnivores.

If organisms feed on other carnivores, they are called secondary carnivores. Lions, tigers, etc. are examples of carnivores. Animals that feed on both the plants and the animal substances are called omnivores. Crow, human, cats, dogs etc. belong to this category since they eat both the plant and the animal substances. In the given options, elephants, cows and goats are all herbivores. Hence the animals that eat herbivores are called carnivores.

Hence the correct answer is OPTION(C)

Note: These organisms of various trophic levels constitute the food chain. The food chain is a chain of producers, herbivores and carnivores that are linked to each other. This food chain contributes to the survival of all living things and helps maintain the existence of biodiversity.