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How do animal husbandry practices benefit farmers?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Animal husbandry is the process of breeding and raising livestock because it deals with poultry farming sericulture; Apiculture, Lac culture and fisheries affect farmers tremendously.

Complete Answer:
Animal husbandry deals with rearing, caring, breeding and feeding of domesticated Animals. All the practices for the improvement and utilization of livestock animal husbandry studied under two categories:-
1) Management of Farm Animal
2) Animal breeding

Farm Animals Manage by dairy form management, poultry farm management, and fisheries management.
1) Dairy Farm Management: It is the management of milk producing animals. Scientific approach for rearing, managing and breeding dairy animals is called Dairy technology. Operation flood and White revaluation undertaken by National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) causes rise in milk production in India.

2) Poultry Farm Management: Poultry is the rearing of domestic birds for eggs and meat. Poultry farming mainly includes chicken, ducks, turkey and geese. Poultry Farm Management mainly focus on :-
- Selection of disease free breeds.
- Hygienic environment at farms house.
- Provides protein rich nutritious food.
- Caring for their (birds) health.

3) Fisheries Management: Fisheries management is done by pisciculture. Pisciculture is the rearing, caring and catching of fishes.

4) Animal Breeding: Animal breeding aims at increasing the yields of animal products like milk, egg, meat fish, honey, Lac and silk.
Animal breeding are of two types
- Inbreeding: Breeding between closely related individuals. It is useful in obtaining pure lines (homozygous) but at the same time continuous inbreeding reduces fertility.
- Outbreeding: Breeding between unrelated individuals is called out breeding.

Note: Many farmers in the world only depend upon animal husbandry for their survival. They use all the products like milk, meat, egg, silk, Lac, fish, honey as well as animal dung (waste) for commercial purposes.