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An autoanalyzer was invented by
A. Leonardo Skeggs
B. Godfrey Hounsfield
C. William Roentgen
D. Hans Berger

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint:-An autoanalyzer is a clinical laboratory instrument used for biochemical tests and analysis in the medical field. It uses a continuous (segmented) flow analysis (CFA) technique that expedites the process of serum analysis.

Complete answer:
The autoanalyzer is majorly used for testing biological samples rapidly and readily, with minimal human involvement and potential errors associated with that. The automated feature helps in maximizing the accuracy and precision of results with a small dose of a sample, which also helps in reducing the amount of sample collected from the patient. The tests performed using the autoanalyzer are liver function tests that check the enzyme levels, sodium potassium tests that help reduce ion levels, and other blood/fluid tests.
The technique used in the autoanalyzer is a type of CFA called Segmented Flow analysis wherein a steady stream of sample is segmented by air bubbles into which chemicals and reagents are supplied, leading to chemical reactions. The main principle of segmented flow analysis is the introduction of air bubbles. The air bubbles segment each sample and act as a barrier between packets to prevent cross-contamination. The air bubbles also assist mixing by creating turbulent flow and provide operators with a quick and easy way to check the flow characteristics of the liquid.
Among the given options, Godfrey Hounsfield invented the CT scanner (computerized tomography), Willian Roentgen invented the X rays/Roentgen rays and Hans Berger discovered EEG (electroencephalography). Leonard Skeggs, considered the best known clinical chemist, invented the first autoanalyzer in 1957 which was manufactured by the Technicon Corporation.
Thus, the right option is A.

Note:- In addition to medical laboratories, the autoanalyzer is now used in industrial laboratories as well for testing soil, analyzing fertilizers, tobacco leaves, air contaminants, sewage water, seawater, etc.