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Amritmahal, Baragur, Deoni and Harian are breeds of
D)None of these

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: A breed is explained as a group of domestic animals that have a similar character like general appearance, features, size and behaviour that distinguish it from other groups of animals. This means a breed can be of goat, sheep or cattle. They are related by descent and their ancestral forms.

Complete answer:
Now let us first have look on the breeds given in questions:

Amritmahal : It is a kind of draught breed of cow that was observed in Chikamagalur, Chitradurga and Hassan district of Karnataka. These are usually grey cattle and show the presence of long horns that end in sharp black points.
Baragur : This is a breed of cattle that first originated in western Tamil Nadu in India. These cattle are characterised by having brown skin. They are native to bargur forest. Sometimes full white complexion of these breeds are usually seen.
Deoni : It is a kind of draught breed which first originated in India. It was first found in the district of Maharashtra. It serves as a dual purpose that is as milk yielding and also as draught.
Harian : It is an Indian cattle that is usually found in Haryana. It gives daily milk of about 10-15 litres. It is native to north India.

Hence, the correct answer is option (C)

Note: Cattle are animals that are termed as ruminants since among the four stomach compartments rumen is the largest in them and harbours many microorganisms. This is the reason behind that they can digest plants as foods. Cattle shows a special property by virtue of which they can rechew their food which is once swallowed. Cattle can be used for cross-breeding among exotic and local breeds to get high yielding cattle breeds.