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Amphimixis means
A. Parthenocarpy
B. Failure of gametes to undergo fusion
C. Mixing of pronuclei
D. Union of somatic cells

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Hint: The term amphimixis is used as another name for fertilization in all sexually reproducing organisms. The fertilization process occurs in both plants and animals.

Step by step answer:Fertilization in Organisms – Fertilization is the process in which the male and the female gametes fuse together to form the zygote. It is also known as Amphimixis. The haploid nucleus of the male and female gametes is also known as the pronucleus.
When the male gametes are released within the female embryo sac, then the male gamete fuses with the female gamete or the egg cell, to fertilize it. Both the male and female gametes are haploid in nature. The zygote thus, formed by the fusion is diploid. Thus, amphimixis means the mixing of pronuclei.
Hence, the correct answer is option (C).
Additional Information: The process of fertilization differs in animals and plants. In the case of animals, fertilization occurs after the copulation which causes the release of the sperms in the form of fluid. In angiosperm plants, the pollen pistil interaction is followed by fertilization. In angiosperms double fertilization occurs, where two male gametes fuse with an egg cell and a central cell simultaneously to carry out the process of fertilization.

Note: Apomixis refers to the process in which the seeds are developed without fertilization. It is a form of the asexual reproduction that mimics sexual reproduction. It is commonly seen in flowering plants like species of Asteraceae, and some grasses. Some common apomictic fruits are Citrus fruits, Opuntia, Mango, Apple, and Pear.