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Amniotes include
(a) Fishes, reptiles, and amphibians
(b) Amphibians, birds, and reptiles
(c) Birds, reptiles, and mammals
(d) Amphibians, reptiles, and mammals

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Hint: Amniotes are those which lay eggs on land or the formation of an embryo takes place inside the womb of females. They are terrestrial and fertilization does not take place with the help of water.

Complete Step by Step Answer:
Amnion means the innermost membrane of the mother’s womb or egg which consists of an embryo or simply it can say that which encloses the embryo. The amnion consists of the amniotic fluid which protects the embryo and that embryonic fluid helps to detect the defects of the embryo. Amnion also provides a site for nutrient transport from mother to embryo which helps in the development of the embryo, from time to time this amniotic membrane expands with the increasing size of the embryo. In reptiles, birds, and mammals the fertilization and formation of egg take place inside the body of the mother but some species lay eggs outside on land as they are oviparous and some of them have eggs in their womb till the full formation of the baby as they are viviparous.
Amniotes belong to the phylum Chordata and they scientifically called as Amniotes which comprises of a common ancestor and has the phylogenetic relationship between them and this type of common ancestry in the case of vertebrae by consisting of amnion is shown by birds reptiles and mammals though at one stage all of the three show some similarity.
So, the answer is Birds, reptiles, and mammals.

Additional information: Fishes and amphibians also come under vertebrates but they are not considered as amniotes because they lay their egg in water for its development. In the case of some species fertilization also takes place in water that is why they don’t need abiotic membrane for embryo care and development. Therefore, fishes and amphibians are called amniotes.

Note: Amnion and chorion are relatable word but amnion is present in the innermost part of mother womb which holds amniotic fluid and embryo and formation of embryo take place inside it, whereas chorion is the outermost covering of amnion which consist of amnion and all the entities inside it or in the womb chorion provide support to embryo and amnion.