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Actinomorphic flower is found in family
A. Cannaceae
B. Poaceae
C. Papilionaceae
D. Solanaceae

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Hint: The flowers have differently arranged corolla and stamens. Their number and position can vary. The placement of the ovary is also variable. The floral diagram is made to understand the concept in an easier manner. Every family of flowers has different characteristics.

Complete answer:
The flower which can be divided into equal parts bypassing the line through any plane is actinomorphic. They form mirror images. They are usually radial or star-shaped. They are also called radially symmetrical flowers

Let us see it is a feature of which family:
> Option A: Cannaceae: The flowers in this family are asymmetrical. They cannot be divided into equal halves. They have 2-3 sterile stamens and 3 regular petals.

> Option B: Poaceae: They have flowers arranged in the spikelets, having one or more florets. They have two bracts at the base called glumes. This is followed by the florets. They have zygomorphic floral symmetry.

> Option C: Papilionaceae: They also have zygomorphic symmetry as they remain intact when the flower is divided through any particular vertical plane. They have bilateral symmetrical flowers with 5 petals.

> Option D: Solanaceae: They have radial and bilateral symmetry. They have actinomorphic symmetry. They have symmetrical symmetrical corolla with a superior ovary.
Hence, The correct answer is option (D).

Note: Solanaceae has flowering plants called nightshades. They have annual and perennial herbs, shrubs, trees etc. they have a taproot system. Leaves are alternate, simple or compound.  Potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes belong to this family. They are economically important as they include food plants and drugs plants.