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A snail moves with the help of its
A) Shell
B) Wings
C) Bristle
D) Feet

Last updated date: 16th Jun 2024
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Hint:-Snail is an invertebrate that belongs to the phylum Mollusca. Snail can be classified into three main types based on where it resides- land snails, sea snails and freshwater snails. Snails are one of the slowest moving animals on the earth. One of their most distinct features is that most snails have a shell.

Complete Answer:-
The snail shells function as a protective covering for them against predators and environmental conditions. Even in the larval stage, the snails have it as a part of their anatomy, the size of the shell increases as the snail grows. Sea snails look like the sea butterfly as they have wing-like parapodia that help them swim in water. Their feet undergo certain changes to form these protrusions called parapodia. It seems like the snail can ‘fly’ in water with the help of parapodia. Trinity bristle snails have tiny translucent bristles on its body, hence the word bristle in its name. For certain organisms, bristles act as chemoreceptors. These chemoreceptors help them keep a track of all the changes in their environment. The land snails exhibit a gliding motion. It is their muscular foot that enables this motion. The muscles contract at regular intervals to help with their movement. The snail also secretes mucus, so that their body does not dry out and the movement is smooth on the ground.
Thus, the right option is D.

Note:- Snails belong to the class of Gastropods which also includes slugs. While snails are characterized by their shells, slugs usually do not have shells and have a really small shell or their shells are internal. The mucus that the snail secretes leaves a slimy trail on the surface and this can even help them move over sharp objects without being hurt.