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A small plotting compass can be used to plot a magnetic field because
A. the compass needle is freely suspended magnet
B. the compass needle is easily demagnetized
C. there is a vacuum inside the case of the compass
D. the Earth’s magnetic field has no effect on the needle

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Hint: In order to answer the question, first we will discuss why we use compass to plot a magnetic field and then we will discuss the reason behind the use of compass to plot a magnetic field. Also we will discuss why the compass is vitally used to plot the magnetic field.

Complete answer:
The compass needle acts as a freely suspended magnet which points in north-south direction under the influence of earth’s magnetic field lines. So, a small plotting compass can be used to plot a magnetic field. We generally used a small plotting compass to plot a magnetic field because the compass needle is magnetized and mounted in a way that allows it to move in response to magnetic fields.

At the point when the horseshoe magnet is available, the north finish of the needle (shaded red) is pulled into its attractive field and adjusts itself so it is highlighting the article. The needle in a compass points towards a magnetic pole. Earth's North Magnetic Pole is really the south pole of the Earth's geographic poles and the other way around. Consequently, an openly suspended attractive needle point geographic north-south way. The attractive compass is the gadget that utilizes this rule.

Now, the question arises here: what do we mean by a freely suspended magnet. So, a Freely Suspended Magnet always points in North-South Direction. If a bar magnet is freely suspended, it will swing until its one end points towards the north pole of the earth and the other towards the south pole of the earth. A freely suspended magnet stops consistently the north-south way. We consider it openly suspended.

Hence, the correct option is A.

Note: A magnetic field can be created by current (electrons moving through our wire), or by a magnet itself. In either case, the compass needle will follow the stronger magnetic field, be that the magnet, the magnetic field induced by current through the wire, or the earth itself.