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A sheep Dolly was the first animal cloned from a cell taken from the udder of an adult
transgenic sheep.
- True
- False

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Hint:- Dolly was the world’s most famous female domestic sheep who died because of pneumonia five months before her seventh birthday. She was developed in a lab at the Roslin Institute, in Scotland and the biotechnology company PPL Therapeutics, Edinburgh.

Complete answer:
A clone is asexual progeny of a single individual or cell. The technique of producing a clone is called cloning. Dolly was the first mammal to be cloned the somatic cell of an adult sheep. It was developed by Ian Wilmut. It was the first mammal to be cloned using the nuclear transfer process. In this process, the nucleus of an adult cell was taken and transferred into a fertilized oocyte. The cell was a mammary cell as it was taken from the udder of an adult transgenic sheep. The cell nucleus of this fertilized oocyte was removed. The hybrid cell formed by this fusion was then stimulated with the electric shock. The cell then developed into a blastocyst and it was then implanted into a surrogate mother.
The technology of cloning became controversial after this. Some scientists believed it was a useful and important discovery that would help in treatment of degenerative nerve diseases like Parkinson’s, production of genetically modified organisms as the organ donors of the humans, etc. but some other scientists did not approve it as they believed it is unethical and unsafe.
 So the given statement is true.

Note:- Cloning is basically developing identical cells from the parent cell. This could be done only through mitotic division as it involves division of a parent cell into two daughter cells that are identical copies of the parent cell.