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A scientist has come across a plant who he feels is a new species. How will he go about its
Identification, classification and nomenclature?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:-IDENTIFICATION: Recognising an organism from the other already known organisms and assigning them to a particular taxonomic group.
NOMENCLATURE: Assigning names to the identified organism according to the international scientific rules.
CLASSIFICATION: Grouping of organisms into convenient categories based on some easily observable characteristics.

Complete Answer:-
International code of botanical nomenclature (ICBN) is a book that contains rules regarding scientific nomenclature of plants. After identification of the plant the scientist should follow the following rules for its nomenclature:
1) The biological name consists of two words - binomial nomenclature Eg: Mangifera indica, where Mangifera is a generic name and indica is the specific epithet
2) Tautonyms are not valid in ICBN. (tautonym - In which generic name and specific epithet are the same)
3) Herbarium sheet of the newly discovered plant should be placed in the herbarium.
4) The first letter of the generic name should be capital and of specific epithet should be small.
5) When the handwritten generic name and specific epithet should be separately underlined.
6) When printed it should be in italics.
7) Name of the scientist should be written in abbreviated form after a specific epithet which is neither underlined or italicized.
After nomenclature, it should be classified by characterisation.
There are four types of classification systems:
1) practical classification
2) artificial classification
3) natural classification
4) Phenetic or numerical classification

Note:- The branch of biology dealing with Identification, nomenclature and classification is called taxonomy. The practical significance of taxonomy - Identification of unknown organisms. Scientific names should be in the Latin language because it is a dead language.