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A rhombic antenna is a
A) Resonant antenna.
B) Omnidirectional antenna.
C) Non-resonant antenna.
D) None of the above.

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint:It is an antenna which is diamond shaped or rhombus shaped, always placed parallel to the ground. The antenna works on a wide range of frequencies. The shape of the antenna is like a diamond or equilateral parallelogram.

Step by step solution:
A rhombic antenna and it is used for short wave bands or high frequency waves. It is an equilateral shaped antenna. The four sides of the rhombic antenna are parallel in shape. It is a non-resonant antenna. So the correct answer for this problem is option C.

Additional information: The rhombic antenna is based on the principle of travelling wave radiator. The antenna has some advantages and some disadvantages.

Advantages of the antenna are-
-Impedance and the radiation are constant.
-One or more rhombic antennas can be connected.
-The transmission is simple and effective.

Now let us see the disadvantages of the rhombic antenna.
-Transmission efficiency is less.
-Large space is required.
-Power gets waste in terminating resistors.

The rhombic antennas are having some applications like-
-It can be used in high frequency communications.
-It is used in point-to –point communications.
-It is used in long distance sky wave propagations

Note: The rhombic antennas are unidirectional but can be made in bi directional also by removing the terminating resistance. The half of the power is used as terminating the resistance of the antenna and the other half is used in the transmission and use of the energy is lost.