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A queen honey bee lays eggs of
(A) One type from which all castes develop
(B) Two types, one forming queen and workers and seconds type forming drones
(C) Three types, one forming queen, drone and workers
(D) Unfertilized- eggs die while fertilized ones form all castes

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Hint:The honey bees are the insects that produce honey from the nectars in the flowers. This insect belongs to the genus Apis and originates from Eurasia. The European honey bees are most common and spread to all the parts of the globe.

Complete answer:
These bees mostly live in the colonies to produce the honeycombs rich in honeys. For the whole year, they won’t stay on the same comb, they might move from one area to the other. They are mainly seen during the spring seasons. They take the nectar from the flowers and place it in the comb. The queen lays lots of eggs during its lifetime. There will be only one queen in the honeycomb, all the other will be either workers or the drones.

The queen bee lays the eggs either by the fertilization with the drones or without the fertilization. The eggs that are obtained from the fertilization produce the queen and the workers larvae. Where the unfertilized egg produces the male drone bees. However it may take three days for the eggs. Hence two types of eggs produced one forms queen and workers and the other forms the drones.

Thus the correct answer is option (B).

Note:The honey bee hives are made on their own by forming comb like structures with the help of the waxy substance produced by their body. Mostly, the honey bees like the dark places to start making their hives in order to protect themselves from predators. This bee wax is used for many purposes like making candles etc.