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A plant, being eaten by an herbivore which is in turn is eaten by a carnivore makes
(A) Food chain
(B) Web of food
(C) Omnivores
(D) Interdependence

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Hint: All the living organisms depend upon the others for their need of survival. The organisms are divided into two types as the autotrophic organism and the heterotopic organisms. The autotrophic organisms produce their own food with the help of the abiotic factors like water, sunlight, minerals etc. All the other organisms depend on them for their food.

Complete answer:
The heterotrophic organisms depend upon the producers for food and so they are called as the consumers. They are divided into three types as herbivores, carnivores and the omnivores. If the organisms consume only the green plants, they are the herbivores.

The carnivore organisms take up the herbivores as the food. The omnivore’s organisms consume both the plant and the animal species. Hence these organisms interlinked to each other for the existence of biodiversity on the earth. They are connected to each other and one organism depends on the other for food called food chain.

Hence the correct answer is OPTION(A)

Note: The example of the food chain is grass- rabbit- tiger. The grass is the producer of the food and the rabbit is the herbivore that consumes grass and the tiger is the carnivore that takes up the rabbit. Hence all the organisms directly or indirectly depend on the other for their survival.