A plane mirror produces a magnification of
A. -1
B. +1
C. 0
D. infinity

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Hint: Use the concept, distance of the object from the mirror is always equal to the distance of the image from the mirror. And find their ratio.

Complete step by step solution:
In question it is given a plan mirror.
We know in a plane mirror, the height of the object (h₀) = height o the image (h₁)
And the formula to find the magnification = (height o the image) / (height of the object)

   = \dfrac{{{h_{_1}}}}{{{h_0}}} \\
   = \dfrac{{{h_1}}}{{{h_1}}} \\
   = 1 \\
   = + 1 \\

 The magnification produced by a plane mirror is +1 implies that the image formed by a plane mirror is virtual,
erect and of the same size as that of the object.

Hence, option (B) is the correct answer.

Note: Size of image formed by a plane mirror, then mirror forms real image, for a virtual object.