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A person having Klinefelter’s syndrome is characterised by
a. Male with some secondary sexual characters of female
b. Female with some secondary sexual characters of male
c. Having both male and female sex organs
d. Female internal sex organs and male external sex organs

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Hint: Gene is the blueprint of life and the study of genes is called genetics. Syndrome can be stated as a collection of diseases. Chromosomes are thread-like structures that are made of protein and DNA. Genes are responsible for the characteristics acquired from the parents to the offsprings by heredity.

Complete answer:
There are chromosomes in humans. Sometimes a male is born with an extra X chromosome which is XXY whereas in a normal male it is XY. This genetic disorder is Klinefelter’s syndrome where the male possesses some secondary sexual characteristics of the female due to the presence of an extra X.

As a human male has an XY chromosome, females have an XX chromosome. XYY syndrome occurs when there is an addition of Y chromosome which is not Klinefelter’s syndrome. Secondary sexual characters are mostly under hormonal control which develops at the time of puberty.

There are organisms which has both male and female sex brogans known as hermaphrodites. Snails, earthworms are hermaphrodites. A person may have XY and XX chromosomes which is a rare condition as either the genitals may be developed incompletely or can have both the sexes.

Female internal sex organs and male external sex organs cannot be a characteristic of the this syndrome as it deals with the males due to testosterone shortage and strictly with secondary sexual characters of female such as less amount of facial hair and body hair with enlarged breasts.

Hence, The correct answer is option (A).

Note: Any kind of alteration or changes in the gene sequence results in mutation. The genetic disorders can be from heredity or under the influence of environmental factors. When there is a disorder with the sex chromosomes such as un this case it is XXY so it is called a trisomy indicating three sex chromosomes instead of a pair.