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A mutagenic pollutant is
1. Organophosphates
2. Resins
3. Hydrocarbons
4. Nitrogen oxides

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Hint:- The materials that cause pollution of the environment are called pollutants. The pollutants are all man made because these are the residues of various materials we make and throw away. Mutagenic pollutants are those that cause mutation in the DNA of organisms.

Complete answer:
Hydrocarbons are also known as volatile organic carbons that are composed of hydrogen and carbon. Natural sources of hydrocarbons are largely biological. Hydrocarbons are produced naturally by decomposition of organic matter and certain types of plants like pines. The most abundant hydrocarbon in the atmosphere is methane. It evolved from the soil in flooded rice fields and swamps. The hydrocarbons are also generally produced during the burning of fossil fuels.
Benzene and its derivatives like formaldehyde are mutagenic and carcinogenic in nature. Formaldehyde is emitted from indoor sources like newly manufactured carpeting.
Nitrogen oxides are mainly formed from N2 and O2 during combustion of fossil fuels in automobile engines. These cause reddish brown haze which is also known as brown air, in traffic congested city air. This contributes to heart and lung problems and may be carcinogenic for humans. These also contribute to acid rains and is considered to be a major factor in causing eye irritation.
The class of organophosphorus compounds that have a central phosphate molecule and alkyl or aromatic substituents on it are called organophosphates. These are basically used as pesticides and are non-biodegradable in nature, so cause pollution.
Resins are metabolic by products or waste products produced by plants.
Thus, the right option is 4.

Note:- Mutation is any sudden inheritable permanent change in the genetic material of an organism. It could be either chromosomal mutation or gene mutation. These are of two types- spontaneous and induced mutations. Induced mutations are caused by mutagens.