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A man made source of air pollution is
a. Burning of fossil fuels
b. Dust storm
c. Pollen grains
d. Forest fire

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Hint: Air pollution refers to any physical, chemical or biological change in the air. It is the contamination of air by harmful gases, dust and smoke which affects the plants, animals, and humans drastically.
- The EPA identified six major types of air pollutants deemed especially harmful to human health. These are carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ozone, particulate matter and lead.
- The two types of air pollutants are primary pollutants, which enter the atmosphere directly, and secondary pollutants, which form from a chemical reaction.
- The air pollution can be caused due to natural or man made activities.

Complete answer:
> BURNING OF FOSSIL FUELS:- Fossil fuels contain toxic gases like sulphur dioxide . When fossil fuels are burned they release these gases that cause air pollution. This is a man made cause. Hence, this option is correct.

> DUST STORM:- This is also a cause of air pollution but it is caused due to disturbance in the environment naturally . This is a natural cause . So, this option is incorrect.

> POLLEN GRAIN:- pollen grains directly do not participate in air pollution but can cause some allergy and it is a natural cause as they are present in a flower. Hence , this option is incorrect.

> FOREST FIRE:- This can also lead to air pollution but it can occur due to temperature change in the environment. This is a natural cause. So, this option is also wrong.

Hence, The correct answer is option (A).

Note: Air pollution pollutes the air by addition of contaminated substances
- Ways to Reduce Air Pollution
- Riding a bike or walking instead of driving.
- Taking a bus or carpooling.
- Buying a car that has greater fuel efficiency.
It can also be reduced by afforestation and controlling deforestation.