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A is an improved breed of cattle and B is an improved breed of chicken. Which of the following options correctly identifies A and B?
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A) A - Jersey, B - Leghorn
B) A - Surti, B - Sangamneri
C) A - Marwari, B – Sirohi
D) A - Beetal, B - Jamunapari

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Hint: Exotic breeds or improved breeds are used for Cross breeding. Exotic means foreign not native that is brought to an area from some other places.

Complete answer:
The exotic breeds that are not native to that place. Jersey Swiss are the exotic breeds of cow. These are brought in order for cross fertilization. This helps them to increase the yield of productivity and sometimes increase the milk production.
The advantages of Exotic breeds are as follows
1. They cannot be easily attacked by disease, that is they can survive any outbreak of disease.
2. Exotic breeds are characterized with a higher growth rate and have a higher productivity than other organisms.
3. The only disadvantage of Exotic breeds are they are very expensive to buy and maintain.
Jersey cows is native to the Jersey island in England. These cows produce high quality milk.
Leghorn is a breed of chicken that originate in Central Italy these words were first exported to North America in 1828 Lego aunts have good layers of white egg they have averaged and capacity of 286 for some time they can give 300 to 320 eggs annually.

So, the correct answer is 'A - Jersey, B - Leghorn'.

The main objective of improved breeding is to produce fertile organisms that can increase in the efficiency and production or improved quality of farm animals.