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A government system in which unlimited power is in the hands of one person is referred to as----
A. An Oligarchy
B. An Autocracy.
C. An absolute Democracy
D. The rule of Law

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Hint: Many forms of government can be seen in the world in today’s time. Such as an Oligarchy, an autocracy, an absolute democracy, and democracy, etc. There is no uniformity of types of government existing in the States throughout the world.

Complete answer:
 A government system in which unlimited power is in the hands of one person is referred to as an autocracy. Absolute monarchy is the best example of autocracy. Absolute monarchy is an autocracy in which the monarch exercises supreme power. Its examples are Saudi Arabia, Brunei, and UAE, etc.
An Autocracy can be an arrangement of state in which incomparable force (social and political) is concentrated inside the hands of one individual or commonwealth, whose choices are dependent upon neither outer lawful restrictions nor regularized instruments of well known control (aside from maybe for the certain danger of an upset or mass revolt). The Supreme government, for example, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Brunei and tyrannies including North Korea are the preeminent current sort of absolutism.

Hence, the correct answer is option (B).

Note: Democracy signifies "rule of the individuals," possibly an arrangement of state during which the residents practice power straightforwardly or choose delegates from among themselves to make an organization, for example, a parliament. Government, signifying, "rule of the meager few", is a type of the force structure in which force rests with a couple of individuals. These individuals may be recognized by respectability, riches, family ties, schooling or corporate, strict, or occupation. Thus, the previously mentioned implications of the various types of government make a reasonable qualification among them.