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A community which starts succession in a habitat is
A. Pioneer community
B. Seral community
C. Biotic community
D. Ecosphere

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: A community that starts succession in a habitat is described as the community which established an area over the previously bare area. This community is responsible for starting an ecosystem as they grow quickly and are able to survive in harsh conditions. This community is responsible for breaking rocks which leads to the formation of soil with nutrients to help plants to grow. They make a favorable ecosystem for other communities to grow after them like plants and animals.

Complete answer:
The community that starts succession in habitat by withstanding harsh conditions is a pioneer community. This community includes quick-growing organisms such as mosses, lichens, and low growing grasses that colonize first after a disaster. Pioneer community is crucial for starting an ecosystem and helps other communities after this to survive under favorable conditions formed by the pioneer community. The change that occurs in ecology over a period of time and the process of ecological succession is called the pioneer community. The seral community is an intermediate community in the ecological system. This process takes hundreds of years before larger organisms like animals and plants can sustain their living.

Hence, the correct option is A. Pioneer community.

Note: Climax community is the last biotic community that develops and covers over an area previously occupied by several communities. Their growth is slow and after this community pioneer community grows over the climax community. The succession of a pioneer community results in the growth of higher animals and plants.