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A book of magic is just on the other side of the glass crystal ball (μ=3/2) from Harry, almost touching the crystal ball. When Harry reads the book through the centre of the crystal ball, he sees that the image is enlarged (magnified). The image is also
(A) upright
(B) inverted
(C) real
(D) virtual

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Hint: When Harry looks through the crystal ball, he can see an enlarged image. So, he is viewing through the glass whose refractive index is given. It means it involves refraction of light. We can use the concept of image formation after refraction of light through a spherical surface.

Complete step by step answer:
When Harry sees the book, the image is enlarged and we can compare this situation to that of magnifying glass which is just a convex lens and it produces an enlarged and erect image of the object. So, the glass that we are using here is also convex. Now looking at the characteristics of the image. Given that the image is enlarged and erect. The convex lens produces an erect image only in one condition and in that the image formed is virtual. Hence, here also the image is virtual.

So, the correct option is (D).

Note: Here there is a refractive index of the glass but it is of no use here. We have solved it by analyzing the property and characteristics of the image produced. The convex lens produces a real image in five conditions and virtual image in one condition. A concave lens always produces a virtual image, it never forms a real image. A magnifying glass is also called a simple microscope.