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CBSE Class 12 Hindi Elective Question Paper 2018 with Solutions


Hindi Elective Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 - 2018

The question papers of previous years offered by Vedantu are quite useful to every student of Class 12 as it helps them prepare well for the final board exam. 

These papers contain a similar pattern of the questions which are supposed to be asked in the final CBSE board exam. Before putting a lot of effort into the preparations for the exam, it is best to acquire knowledge about the pattern of the question paper. Exercising the 2018 Hindi elective question paper with answers will help you score excellently in the exam. Hence, download the PDF file of the question paper free of cost.

Last updated date: 02nd Jun 2023
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Few Smart Tips to Solve the CBSE 2018 Hindi Elective Question Paper:

Hindi is a subject that can be mastered with plenty of practice. Here are a few more tips that you can follow to ace the Hindi exam. We have rounded up those in the following. 

  • Memorize the name of the various authors and poets whose prose or poems you have read in your Hindi Class 12th textbook. This helps you to score extra marks in the board exam. Make sure to have a brief knowledge about the author’s and poets’ background as this will be beneficial while solving the paper.

  • Better not to memorize the answers to the questions related to the chapters and poems as provided in the solutions PDFs. Instead, try to understand the basic in-depth concepts of prose or poems while studying. This is how you will be able to question any level of difficulty in the CBSE board exam.  

  • Always try to finish writing the exam a little before the restricted time frame. If you can manage to save some time before the submission of the answer sheet, make sure to revise all the answers briefly to avoid silly grammar mistakes. 

  • Follow a certain format while writing answers to every question, be it short-type questions or lengthy ones. All the answers must have a pattern such as an introduction, body content, and a conclusion. 


Advantages of Referring to CBSE Previous Year 2018 Hindi Elective Question Paper

Scoring your desired marks in any CBSE board examination needs extreme dedication and the Class 12 board exam is no different. It needs more hard work to accomplish great numbers in the Class 12th board exam because it decides your entire career. Every student has to focus on understanding topics that hold utmost importance and require a little additional push. The entire exam strategy remains the same for language subjects too. Referring to the 2018 Hindi elective question paper with solutions before the exam is a tried and tested formula for ultimate success. This is how you will gain a clear idea of the question patterns of the board question paper and the right way of answering them.


Get the Overview of the Class 12 Hindi Elective Syllabus:

Upon completion of your NCERT Hindi textbooks for Class 12, you might be confident that you have finished all of your syllabi. But that’s not the case. You will have to go through the last years’ papers and practice them to understand the real scenario. You will be able to figure out the vital parts of your textbook by solving the previous years’ question papers. This is how you will be able to recognize the important parts of your textbook and revise accordingly. 


Understand the Board Question Paper Pattern:

You will need to revise the complete Hindi syllabus a couple of times before the CBSE Class 12 examination to make your fundamentals strong. While revising, try to resolve the CBSE board Class 12 Hindi Elective question papers as much as possible. This will help you to recognize the patterns of the questions that you're going to come across in the CBSE Class 12th board examination. If you practice these previous year’s papers thoroughly, you don’t have to be concerned about the complexity of the questions’ pattern during the final examination.


Learn Chapter-Wise Marks Weightage:

Solving the previous year's papers will help you gain knowledge about the chapter-wise and section-wise marks distribution. Once you realize this, you will be able to divide and manage your time accordingly during the final board exam.


Say No to Examination Anxiety:

Practice is the ultimate key to being organized for the Class 12 board exam. Most of the students tend to get stressed before the board examination. But with the weapon called ‘practice’, you'll be able to memorize every crucial detail from your Class 12th syllabus. You will be capable of even rectifying your errors and analyzing the level of your exam preparation.


Boost Your Confidence Level:

Once you are familiar with the concept in the syllabus and the pattern of the question paper with the assistance of the CBSE Class 12 Hindi elective question paper with solutions, you will have the self-assurance and gain self-confidence which will positively impact your examination.


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