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CBSE Class 12 English Core Term 1 Question Paper 2022 with Solutions

Last updated date: 09th Dec 2023
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MVSAT Dec 2023

CBSE Class 12 English Core Term 1 Question Paper 2022|Download Free PDF with Solution

Class 12 English Core is one of the main subjects students choose as a language. It has an elaborate syllabus comprising grammar, literature, fiction, and reading comprehension chapters. To assess your preparation, download and practice the CBSE Class 12 English Core Question Paper 2022.

This question paper comes with a solution compiled by the experts. All the answers in this solution are formatted following the CBSE guidelines. Get assistance in understanding the answering format and ensure better scores in the final exam.

Importance of CBSE Class 12 English Core Question Paper 2022

Class 12 English Core is the main subject a student has to pursue in the Higher Secondary curriculum. This subject aims to develop students' language skills, and the syllabus is set accordingly.

To fulfil the purpose, students must pay attention to all the sections equally. The preparation needs proper assessment too. They can use the CBSE Class 12 English Question Paper 2022 Answer Key. This question paper can be solved to assess the preparation level. The answers to all the questions in this question have been compiled by the experts.

Students can compare their answers to the solution and find out where they need to be more attentive. Solving the CBSE previous year's question paper will be the best way to give a mock exam at home and prepare for the final exam.

The previous year’s question paper will guide students on how the exam is conducted. The question format and the exam pattern will be clear. They will get accustomed to this format and will become more confident in attempting all the sections proficiently.

Giving English Core mock exams at home will also help students to develop a strategic approach to answering such fundamental questions. Following the answering format used in the solution will also help them to score more in the final exam.

Advantages of Last Year question paper of CBSE Class 12 English Core

The advantages of solving the CBSE Class 12 English Core 2022 Question Paper are:

  • Time Management: Proficiency in managing time to solve all the questions in the board exam is essential to score. For this, practising solving exam papers of previous years for this subject is vital.

  • Marking Scheme: The marking scheme of all the sections for the Class 12 English Core CBSE exam will become clear when you practise giving mock exams at home with this paper. You can correlate to the syllabus and define your preparation sessions accordingly.

  • Doubt Resolution: While solving the previous year’s question paper, you may face doubts related. This is why the experts have compiled a solution to assist you in resolving doubts.

Download Class 12 English Core Question Paper PDF

Get the free PDF version of the CBSE Class 12 English Core question paper 2022 and complete your study material. You can make your preparation and mock exam sessions more productive using this question paper. Find out the sections you need to study more and improve your preparation.

FAQs on CBSE Class 12 English Core Term 1 Question Paper 2022 with Solutions

1. How many marks are allotted for the reading section in the Class 12 CBSE English Core exam?

According to the latest format, 20 marks are allotted for the reading comprehension section. It will contain a poem and two unseen passages with questions.

2. How many English subjects are there in the Class 12 curriculum?

There are two English subjects students can choose. One is English Core, and the other one is English Elective.

3. What is the best way to prepare the reading comprehension part of English Core?

Read unseen passages and practice. Make a habit of reading and seeking answers from the passages. Solve exam papers and develop your comprehension skills.

4. How many marks are allotted for the grammar section?

The marks allotted for the grammar section are 8. The questions asked are short-answer types.