CBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2018

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Class 12 Economics CBSE Question Paper 2018 - Free PDF Download

The CBSE Board Syllabus is the most crucial resource for the board exam preparation. To gain maximum marks or score well in the upcoming CBSE Class 12 board exams like CBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2018, students need to learn the updated CBSE Class 12 Syllabus. Class 12 students are also advised to check the other essential resources for the preparation of the upcoming CBSE board exams 2021.

CBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2018 part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Explain the Submission of the Project or the Mode of Presentation.

At the time of the stipulated term ending, every learner will present the research work in the Project File to both the Internal and External examiner. The questions should be asked from the Project File or Research Work of the learner. Also, the Internal Examiner should ultimately ensure that the study submitted by the learner is his/her original work. In case of any authenticity issues, it should be checked and verified.

2. Explain the Expectations of the Project Work in Class 12 Economics.

Learners will complete only ONE Project in every academic session

  • The Project should consist only 3,500-4,000 words (excluding the diagrams and graphs), most preferably handwritten

  • It will be a self-directed and independent piece of study

3. Give Some Important Things You Should Know About Before Going to the Exam?

The best tip to follow before attempting the exam is:

Avoid reading new reference books at the last moment

It is advised not to act in haste at the last moment of the exam. Avoid going through the new reference books just before the final day. Because studying the supplementary reading material and NCERT provided by the board is sufficient.

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