NSEP 2022-23 Exam Sample Paper 1

IAPT Sample Question Papers for NSEP 2022-23

As each one of you must be aware, the National Standard Examination in Physics (NSEP) is conducted by the Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) in three stages to select the students for the International level Science Olympiad. NSEP conducted at the regional level is the first stage or level of the exam, clearing the Indian National Physics Olympiad is the second stage, and then comes selection for the International Olympiad via Orientation cum selection camp, where students are chosen to represent the country. 

Due to Covid 19, the usual three-stage procedure for the selection of the teams to represent India at the International Olympiad that has been followed in prior years is now being shortened to a two-stage procedure as a one-time exception only for the academic year 2022-23. This year, the NSEP exam will be held in January 2022. The selected candidates will directly proceed to attend the Orientation cum selection camp at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science and Research. The students will be tested for theoretical concepts and practical clarity on the subject at this stage. After that, a total number of 35-50 students will proceed for the international olympiad. Read more about this on  IOQ 2021-22.

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Download Free Sample Question Papers for NSEP 2022-23

Why Should One Practise IAPT Sample Papers as Much as Possible?

Now that the examination dates are around the corner, you should be focusing on practising more questions and sample papers. Why? 

Solving sample papers plays a vital role while preparing for the National Standard Examination in Physics (NSEP). It gives you a hang of the exam, and you get an idea of how the concepts can be twisted into different questions. Practising the sample papers will help you manage your time effectively on the final day of the exam and will also enable you to know your strong and weak areas. 

Practising worksheets and sample papers before an exam is just like a dress rehearsal; you get to improve on the weak points and strengthen your strong points so that on the final day, your performance is flawless. Solving a well-crafted sample paper can double up your chances to clear the exam. 

The experts at Vedantu recommend solving as many sample papers as possible to crack the exam. One can avail of the NSEP sample paper 1 on Vedantu’s site. Provided by our experts, it is the best way to understand the exam pattern and solve relevant questions. These NSEP sample paper 1 are solved by our subject experts, who are dedicated to training students for such contests.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the levels of NSEP Exam 2022-23?

Ans: There is a slight change in the level pattern of the NSEP exam this year. A candidate will have to go through the following stages to reach the final level:

  • Stage 1- NSEP exams will be held on various dates in January 2022 at registered schools across the country. About 300-500 students may be selected for the next stage. 

  • Stage 2- Selected students will proceed for the Orientation-cum- Selection camp at the Bhabha Centre for Science and Research. Here, the candidates will be tested on both theoretical and practical knowledge. About 35-50 meritorious candidates may be chosen for the next stage. 

  • Stage 3- The selected candidates will further proceed to the ‘Pre-Departure Camp’ which is likely to take place between July- November 2022. Here, again after various rounds of selection exercises, about 5-7 students will proceed to the last stage, i.e. International Physics Olympiad. 

  • Stage 4- Last level of the exam, the International Physics Olympiad. Students who win gold medals here can have a chance to work directly under the Prime Minister by securing themselves a position at the Department of Atomic Energy. 

2. Is it possible for me to change the examination centre once I have submitted the form?

Ans: No, once you submit the form online, it is not possible for you to change the preference of the examination centre. It is advisable that you check and cross-check everything, from your personal details, i.e. your name, date of birth, father’s name, mother’s name etc., to your preference of examination centre, because the authorities entertain no requests of any kind of change in the registration form. Also, make sure that your contact details, such as email id and phone numbers, are correctly filled in. Otherwise, you can miss out on important information.

3. How can I download the admit card for the exam?

Ans: The admit cards are expected to be out by December 2021. You can download your admit card by logging in to the official website of IAPT.

It is advisable that you check the admit card thoroughly for any errors in the spellings of your name or any other detail. Your registration id, exam roll no and the name of your centre, your photograph, and your signature should be clearly visible on the admit card. Also, read the guidelines provided on the admit card so that you don’t miss out on anything that can cause trouble on the day of the exam.

4. In what languages can I attempt the NSEP exam?

Ans: The question paper will be available in English, Hindi, Bangla, Gujarati, and many other languages listed in the 8th schedule of the Constitution of India. You will get to choose your preferred language while filling up the registration form, and please choose carefully. You will not be allowed to make any changes later. It is advisable that you choose the language you are most comfortable in. Do not choose English, Hindi or any other language for that matter just because your friends are choosing it. You should be comfortable in reading the question paper. 

5. Do I have to pay a registration fee while filling up the registration form? What is the last date?

Ans: Yes, you have to pay a non-refundable registration fee of a sum of 200 INR while filling up the registration form. The last date for filling up the form for the 2021-22 examination was extended upto 31st October 2021. If you have filled up the form, start enhancing your preparations for the exam, they are just around the corner. The ones who plan to take it next year, check out our preparation material for the exam. We are there to help you begin your journey, and we’ll be there till the end. 

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