NSEP Exam Sample Paper

NSEP 2021-22 Sample Paper

Every candidate who wants to write the NSEP examination should refer to NSEP exam sample papers as they are very important. The previous years’ question papers of the NSEP can be downloaded as an NSEP sample paper with solutions from our official website of Vedanta. The National Standard Examination in Physics (NSEP) is considered to be one of the categories under the National Standard Examination (NSE). The first step of the International Olympiad is the National Standard Examination. The NSEP examination is conducted by the Indian association of the physics teachers(IAPT) in subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, and junior science. 

The candidates who qualify in the NSEP are eligible to participate in the Indian National Olympiad Examination which is held for specific subjects. NSEP is conducted at the regional level by all the states that have participated and the Union territories. After the examination is concluded, the students are allowed to take away the question paper and a week later the complete solution of the examination is provided to them.

NSEP Sample Papers by Vedantu - A Brief Overview

The NSEP sample papers will help the students to understand the grade distribution. The grade division is very important and the students should always keep it in mind while answering the questions. 

  • Like the actual NSEP examination paper, the sample papers also have two parts which are Part A1 and Part A2.

  • There are a total of 60 questions in part A1 and each question carries 3 marks which make the total marks for part A1 to be 180.

  • There are a total of 10 questions in part A2 and each question carries 6 marks which make the total marks for part A2 to be 60.

  • One mark will be deducted for every wrong answer as a penalty. 

There are few important topics in every examination which help the student to score well in the examination and the same case is with NSEP. Through the NSEP sample papers, the students can easily revise the most important topics before attempting the NSEP examination. The most important topic which every student should study before attempting the NSEP examination is. 

  1. Heat transfer 

  2. Current Electricity 

  3. Gravitation 

  4. Electrostatics 

  5. Thermodynamics

  6. Oscillations and Waves 

  7. Electromagnetic fields. 

When the students revise these topics before attempting the sample papers or the actual examination, it will help them to solve the paper without any difficulty. On the official IAPT website, the sample papers of NSEP along with the answer key have been given. Students can easily check the answers key with the corresponding question numbers. 

Importance of Sample Papers

The NSEP examination mainly focuses on analytical understanding and comprehension. The importance of practising the sample papers could not be stressed enough. Here are a few important points that the students should keep in mind while solving the sample papers. 

  • Students should always focus or aim at solving the sample paper questions without referring to the answer key or taking help from friends or mentors. By doing so, it helps the students to answer the questions and even if the answers are wrong it will help them to learn from them. 

  • Solving the sample papers will help the students to assess the differences in the test scores. Solving the sample questions will help the students to determine their progress and will allow them to make a decision of whether further preparation is required or not. 

  • Solving the sample papers will help the students to manage their time properly. It is also important that the students should know the score of the previous years. It will help them to understand the score target that they should settle to qualify for the examination. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Why is it Important to Practice the NSEP Sample Papers? 

Ans: The sample papers follow the exact pattern of the actual examinations and the same case is with the NSEP sample papers. By solving the sample papers, the students get an idea of how to properly approach the examination. Solving the sample papers will also help the students to understand the pattern of the NSEP question paper. The sample papers are created so that the students don't make mistakes in the actual examination so it is important that they practice it as many times as possible and not repeat the mistake done while solving the sample papers in the actual examination. 

Q2: How to Apply for NSEP 2021 Examination?

Ans: Candidates who want to take the NSEP exam must complete a series of steps. Candidates are required to first download a registration form from the IAPT's official website. They must fill in all of their information after uploading the form. The candidate's name, address, parents' names, and the chosen language in which he or she wishes to take the exam should all be included. After entering all of the correct documents, the elector must sign a statement confirming that this is correct. The registration and declaration form, as well as a fee of Rs. 150 and the name of the centre where the applicant wishes to take the test, must be submitted. The fee is a one-time, non refundable charge, and even though the candidate qualifies for the next round, he or she need not be concerned about the fee.

Q3: What are the Eligibility Criteria for the NSEP Examination? 

Ans: The NSEP examination is intended for students in 9th,10th, and primarily, the 11th and 12th standard. Students who have passed Class 12 are not eligible to enrol for NSEP. During registration, a one-time fee of ₹150 has to be paid by the students. Students must satisfy the age criteria for the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) which is that the age of the students should be 15 years and above.

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