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INBO Exam - Registration, Exam Date, Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Result and Other Details

Indian National Biology Olympiad (INBO) is a national level examination conducted for the students of Class 11 and 12.  INBO is the second stage of the Biology Olympiad Programme organised by Homi Bhabha Centre For Science Education (HBCSE). It is conducted in over 15 centres in India and a huge number of students participate in this programme every year. Therefore, the level of competition remains high. Students are advised to go through the INBO Eligibility Criteria and INBO Exam Pattern before applying for the examination. They can also find information on various stages of the Biology Olympiad Programme provided on this page. 

INBO Olympiad Details

Stages of Biology Olympiad Programme

Biology Olympiad Programme is conducted by the Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) in association with Homi Bhabha Centre For Science Education (HBCSE). This programme is conducted to select students of the 10+2 level from all across India for the International Biology Olympiad. Biology Olympiad Programme consists of the following 5 stages:

Stage I - National Standard Examination for Biology (NSEB)

It is the first and important stage of the Biology Olympiad Programme. All students must compulsorily enrol for NSEB to be eligible for the programme. Students who clear the NSEB exam are selected for the second round.

Stage II - Indian National Biology Olympiad (INBO)

It is the second stage of the Olympiad Programme and tests the basic knowledge of the students in Biology. Only the candidates who qualify for the NSEB exam are eligible for INBO. Most of the questions are asked from CBSE Biology Syllabus and only 35 students are selected for the next round.

Stage III - Orientation cum Selection Camp (OCSC) in Biology

The top 35 candidates who qualified in the INBO round are selected further for the OCSC round. This Orientation cum Selection Camp is conducted to test the theoretical and practical knowledge of the students. 60% weightage is given to theory and the rest 40% is practical. Only one Indian Team consisting of 4 members is selected for the next stage of the programme.

Stage IV - Pre-Departure Training Camp (PDT)

The selected Indian team undergoes a training programme organised by Homi Bhabha Centre For Science Education. This training is provided to the team to help them prepare for the final round i.e., International Biology Olympiad (IBO).

Stage V - Participation In International Biology Olympiad (IBO)

The Indian team along with 2 lead teachers and a scientific observer participates in IBO to compete with several other teams at an international level.

INBO 2021-22: Examination Dates


Date (Tentative)

Starting date of Enrollment for INBO-2022

September 15,2021

INBO exam date

Sundays in January 2022

Note: Detailed information about enrollment, eligibility criteria, timetable, and enrollment fee will be announced soon.

INBO Eligibility Criteria

Candidates preparing for INBO 2021 Exam, must follow the below-given eligibility criteria:

  1. He/She should successfully qualify the Stage 1 of the Biology Olympiad Programme i.e., the National Standard Examination For Biology (NSEB).

  2. He/She must be eligible for an Indian Passport.

  3. They should be citizens of India and should also be pursuing their education in  India.

  4. Only students who are in their 12th Class are eligible for INBO. However, Class 10 and Class 11 students can also apply if they have cleared the NSEB exam.

  5. They will not be considered eligible if they are applying for the National Standard Examination In Junior Science (NSEJS) in the same year.

  6. Also, any overseas citizen of India (OCI) student will not be considered eligible for the Biology Olympiad Programme.

INBO Exam Pattern

Indian National Biology Olympiad (INBO) is conducted for 100 marks which include questions from CBSE Biology topics. The questions asked are from the Class 10+2 level.  INBO Question Paper is divided into two sections- Section A and Section B. Section A contains 28 questions of 1 mark each and section B is of 72 marks consisting of 27 questions. There is also a negative marking for each incorrect answer. Candidates are also advised to check the latest notifications for any change in the INBO syllabus and exam pattern.

INBO Syllabus

Indian National Biology Olympiad is conducted for Class 11 and Class 12 students and covers the CBSE Biology syllabus. There is no such detailed syllabus provided for INBO and covers mainly the basic concepts from the Class 10+2 level.  The INBO syllabus is similar to the NSEB syllabus which focuses on basic biology topics. Some of these topics are given below:

NSEB Syllabus - Important Topics

  • Plant Physiology and Animal Physiology

  • Anatomy of plants and animals

  • Cell Biology - Structure and function of cells

  • Microbiology

  • Biotechnology

  • Protein Synthesis and Transportation

  • Cell Division - Mitosis and Meiosis

  • Reproduction In Organisms

  • Principles of Inheritance and Variation

  • Organisms and Populations

  • Ecosystem

  • Biodiversity, And Its Conservation and Environmental Issues. 

To know in detail, students can also go through INBO Previous Year Question Papers as well as INBO Sample Papers which are available at Vedantu’s website.

INBO Previous Year Papers 

INBO Previous Year Question Papers are considered a key element for securing good marks. Regular practice of these papers will help the candidates to gain a better understanding of the INBO Exam Pattern. Since a large number of students appear for IBO every year, the competition remains high. Therefore, these question papers will benefit the students in improving their speed and accuracy. Solving INBO Past Papers also aids in knowing the marks distribution system.

INBO Preparation Tips

Before kickstarting their preparation, candidates are advised to go through the following INBO Preparation Tips:

1. Have a Clear Concept of the INBO Syllabus 

It is essential to go through the entire syllabus properly before starting with the preparation. By doing so, one can segregate the portion accordingly. 

2. Analysis of the Exam Pattern

It helps you to strategize your studies as per the important topics and helps in covering the areas carrying a high weightage. 

3. Refer to Study Materials

There are several study materials for the INBO examination that are available online. But candidates must be aware of using the correct study materials and sample papers. 

4. Practice INBO Sample Papers and Previous Year Papers 

It is important for every student preparing for INBO 2021 to solve sample papers and Past year papers regularly. It will aid in boosting their confidence. 

5. Time Management

Maintaining a daily routine is very important. For securing good marks, it is very essential to give equal importance and time to each and every topic. It can be only possible if there is proper time management. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How Do I Apply for the International Biology Olympiad?

Ans. Students can register themselves for the International Biology Olympiad through their school if it comes under the NSE centre. If not, they can check out the list of nearby NSE centres, and can register themselves from any of these centres. A fee amount of Rs.150 is to be paid as a registration fee. International Biology Olympiad (IBO) is a five-stage process and students need to qualify in all five exams to be eligible for IBO.

2. Can I Download INBO Previous Year Question Papers from Vedantu?

Ans. Yes, you can easily download all the INMO Past Papers by visiting Vedantu’s website. They can be downloaded in Pdf format along with the solutions. For more information and INBO sample papers, you can also download the Vedantu app.

3. Are IBO and INBO Similar?

Ans. No, IBO stands for International Biology Olympiad while INBO stands for Indian National Biology Olympiad. INBO is the second stage of the Biology Olympiad Programme which is conducted to select candidates for the International Biology Olympiad (IBO). Any candidates who don’t qualify for the INBO examination, will not be eligible to appear for IBO. 

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