IOQM 2021 Sample Paper 3

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IOQM 2021

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Olympiad exams help students to improve their Problem Solving Ability and also provides them the exposure to compete with the same age students from across the country and the world. They not only help students to assess their strengths and weaknesses in the subjects but also tests their conceptual understanding and motivates them for academic success. And one such Olympiad exam is IMO (International Maths Olympiad) in which various countries from across the globe participate and compete for the gold medal in Mathematics. However, before sending a six members team along with a team leader, one deputy leader, and observers countries do follow their own specific selection criteria. In India, an INMO (i.e., Indian National Maths Olympiad) is organized for the selection. Students who clear the qualifying round i.e., IOQM shall be moving further and competing in INMO.

IOQM 2021 Sample Paper 3 part-1
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