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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi Durva Chapter 19 - Ahaban

Last updated date: 16th Apr 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi Durva Chapter 19 - PDF Download

Hindi Class 8 has a brilliant syllabus covering the best of Hindi literature produced by reputed authors and poets of all time. The 19th chapter of the Hindi Durva Class 8 book is a poem written by one of the formidable freedom fighters of India, Ashfaq Ullah Khan. He was a martyr who gave his life fighting the British rule to make her motherland independent. His poem has that strong call to all the youths of India to unite and fight against the tyrant British.


NCERT Solutions For Class 8


Class 8 Hindi Durva

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Chapter 19 - Ahaban

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This poem gives the essence of what the martyred son of India felt. Hindi Class 8 Chapter 19 is an important chapter to study and find out how motivated the freedom fighters were. For this, you will need the assistance of the Class 8 Chapter 19 solution. This solution is prepared by the top teachers of Vedantu using the simplest language. Download the PDF file of this solution for free and use it to study this chapter offline. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi Durva Chapter 19 - Ahaban PDF will be updated soon!

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi Durva Chapter 19 Ahaban

Ahaban: Class 8 Hindi Durva Chapter 19 Summary

Class 8 Hindi Durva Chapter 19 is a beautiful poem written by Ashfaq Ullah Khan. He was urging the readers to unite and fight the tyrants with the brothers. He expressed his deep love for his motherland and used excellent words to encourage the youth of India. The condition back then was full of turmoil. Indians were oppressed by British rule and there was unrest everywhere. 

Ashfaq and his comrades wanted to make noise and let the British know how powerful they are and what they can do to free India. He said that they will not even show any sign of discomfort even if hell breaks loose on them. According to the lines he wrote, the youth of India does not fear anyone, not even the supreme power of the British army. They have waged war against colonial rule and were ready to sacrifice their lives if necessary.

If you follow the NCERT solutions for Class 8 Hindi Chapter 19 Ahaban, you will find out how motivated the poet was and how his burning lines made a huge impact on the contemporary Indian population. It is the few of them that shook the pillars of the British Empire in India. He also said that the freedom fighters who were imprisoned in Andaman Jail will be brought back after they win our country’s independence back. He was not even worried that the British Empire might give him capital punishment. It means that he was born ready for freeing his motherland and can go to any extent to sacrifice everything.

Advantages of Using NCERT Solution of Class 8 Hindi Durva Chapter 19

NCERT solution of Class 8 Hindi Durva Chapter 19 has been framed by the Vedantu teachers following the latest CBSE format. It will help you to find out the right and to the point answers to all the questions in the exercise. In order to understand every line of this poem, refer to the explanations given in every answer by the teachers. The concept is simple yet hard to interpret in your language. This is where you can use the solution to prepare the chapter. Use the answers as a reference frame to practice and write on your own. This will help you score more in the exams.

By following the CBSE Class 8 Hindi Chapter 19 solutions, you can stay ahead of the class. There is no need to wait for the teachers to clear your doubts when you can easily do it on your own. Study the chapter using the solution so that you can reduce your preparation time to a considerable extent. It will become more convenient to concentrate on the entire syllabus within a limited time and do better in the exams.

Follow the Ahaban Class 8 NCERT solutions to understand the poem properly. prepare the chapter, practice answering the questions, and do proper revision before an exam using this solution. You can download the PDF file of this solution on your computer and use it offline to study.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi Durva Chapter 19 - Ahaban

1. How can you prepare this poem properly?

Follow the classroom lectures, get your doubts cleared using the NCERT solutions Class 8 Hindi Ahaban. Start writing your answers and compare the quality with that of the solution to improve.

2. How can you understand what the poet wants to explain in Class 8 Hindi Durva Chapter 19 Ahaban?

The poet of Class 8 Hindi Durva Chapter 19 Ahaban is a martyred freedom fighter who sacrificed his life to give her motherland independence from British Rule. The level of patriotism can only be understood if you understand the depth of every line in this poem.

3. How can you develop good answers for this poem?

Prefer using the NCERT solutions Class 8 Hindi Chapter 19 prepared by the experts of Vedantu to find the best CBSE-complying format.

4. Brief me about Chapter 19 Ahaban of Class 8 Hindi Durva.

Ashfaq Ullah Khan's poem is one of the best poems in the class. It is an important chapter to learn about the motivation of the freedom warriors. This poem captures the emotions of the martyred Indian son. He was pleading with his audience to stand together against the tyrants who are against our country. He gushed about how much he loved India and how he wanted to empower the young people of the country.

5. Why should students use the NCERT Solutions of Chapter 19 Hindi Durva for Class 8?

Students in Class 8th are generally at a point in their lives where they want to know everything about everything. The Hindi NCERT textbook for Class 8 offers students the chance to accomplish just that!  Class 8 Hindi students can access NCERT solutions for Chapter 19 by visiting Vedantu. Students will be able to learn the answers to queries they don't know the solutions to this way. If you're having trouble understanding how to answer questions in your final exam, you can refer to Vedantu.

6. What is an effective method for preparing Chapter 19 of Class 8 Hindi?

When you read the poem, you might think it's simple to understand and won't take much time to write. And most students make this blunder when they're trying to focus on their studies. At all costs, students must be ready for any question that may arise from anywhere in the text. You might get questions based on the chapter or based on your thinking ability. Start with understanding the poem verse by verse. Practice the NCERT Solutions to strengthen your ideas. Focus on your answer delivery.

7. Where can I find the latest NCERT Solutions of Class 8 Hindi?

Looking for accurate NCERT Solutions based on the latest curriculum? Vedantu welcomes you on an online learning platform where you can find everything you are looking for. The team of subject matter experts at Vedantu who have years of experience forms the best study materials for the students.

8. How can I improve my Hindi grades of Class 8?

In some cases, getting good grades in Class 8 Hindi can be a difficult task. However, all you'll need is a comprehensive study guide. NCERT textbooks and NCERT solutions are your best bet in this situation. With the help of Vedantu, you can find answers to all important questions. You can clarify your doubts and gain a better sense of how to respond to the questions as well. Regular practise will also help you improve your outcomes.