NCERT Solutions for class 4 Maths Chapter 3

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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Maths Chapter 3 - A Trip To Bhopal

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Vedantu’s Maths Class 4 NCERT Solution helps students understand the key concepts of Maths in a practical approach with the help of interactive stories. This book introduces students to the calculations which we use in daily life. NCERT Solution provides a handy learning material that is easy to understand and learn from. It highlights important topics and explains the concepts through detailed explanations and examples in a systematic manner. Class 4 Maths NCERT Solutions offer students comprehensive learning material. It helps them develop logical and reasoning skills. By practising our NCERT Solutions, a student can solve any twisted question as we keep our solutions as similar as possible to facilitate easy learning.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Maths Chapter 3 -  A Trip To Bhopal part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Every Child Should be Given 1 Orange, 1 Banana, and 5 Biscuits. All Children Take Oranges and Biscuits but 38 Children Didn’t Take Bananas. How many Oranges, Biscuits, and Bananas are Distributed in the End?

Ans. Total number of students going for the trip = 210
Each child gets 1 orange, 1 banana and 5 biscuits, but 38 children do not take bananas.
Number of oranges distributed
= No. of children × No. of oranges distributed to each child
= 210 × 1
= 210 oranges
No. of biscuits distributed = No. of children x No. of biscuits distributed to each child
= 210 × 5
= 1050 biscuits
Since 38 students refused to take bananas. Total number of bananas distributed
= Total no. of children – No. of children who do not take the banana
= 210 – 38
= 172 children

(Therefore, 210 oranges, 1050 biscuits, and 172 bananas were distributed among all children going on the trip).

Q2. The Ticket for Motorboat and Oar Boat is Rs 25 and Rs 15 Respectively. Bhanu and Indra first went in the Motorboat for 20 Minutes, and then they Took the oar – Boat for 45 Minutes. What is the Total Amount Paid for both the Boats? How much Time did they Take for Both Rides?

Ans. The ticket for a motorboat is Rs 25 per person.

Total money Bhanu and Indra paid for the motor boat = Rs 25 + Rs 25 = 50

The ticket for our boat is Rs. 15 per person

Money paid by Bhanu and Indra for the oar boat = Rs 15 + Rs 15 = Rs 30

Total money Bhanu and Indra paid for the motorboat and the oar boat 

= Rs 30 + Rs 50 = Rs 80

Time is taken for the motorboat to ride = 20 minutes

Time is taken for the oar boat to ride = 45 minutes

Total time taken for both rides = 20 + 45 = 65 minutes

(Bhanu and Indra paid a total of Rs 80 for motor and oar boat rides and the time taken was 65 minutes).