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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Maths Chapter 13 - How Many

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Maths Chapter 13: How Many?

What is the most effective technique to study for exams? Right, practise the questions. But how can you be certain that the solutions you are receiving are accurate? You can accomplish it by consulting a dependable source that offers precise solutions. We are here to provide you with just that. Find the most detailed and organised NCERT solutions for Class 1 Maths here.


NCERT Solutions for Class 1


Class 1 Maths

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Chapter 13 - How Many


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Our Vedantu specialists have created these Class 1 Maths NCERT Solutions to give students the best answers possible in accordance with the most recent CBSE requirements. Students can prepare for the exams by using the NCERT Maths Class 1 Solutions.

Maths NCERT Syllabus with Study Materials for Class 1

Download PDFs from the link given below list for CBSE Class 1 Maths Solutions:-

Chapter name

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Chapter 1- Shapes and Spaces

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Chapter 2- Numbers from One to Nine

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Chapter 5- Numbers  from 10 to 20

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Chapter 6- Time

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Chapter 8- Numbers From 21 to 50

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Chapter 9- Data Handling

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Chapter 10- Pattern

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Chapter 11- Number

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Chapter 12- Money

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Chapter 13- How Many

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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Maths Chapter 13: How Many

Easy notes CBSE class 1 Maths Chapter 13 solutions are there as a PDF form. The website of Vedantu provides full access to these PDF notes for free, which will help you to understand the concept of counting in the easiest possible way.

These solutions also give the pictorial description, which will make the object's concrete and thus make counting them simple. NCERT solutions Class 1 Maths Chapter 13 available at the website will be an exciting way for the children to learn how to count. 

NCERT Class 1 Maths Chapter 13 - Chapter Understanding

Meaningful counting is an essential component of mathematics. Learning numbers and applying it to counting is also a significant part in mathematics. The pictures of the sticks will help them count and reinforce counting in the application. 

  • The set of sticks with the number of sets will reinforce multiplication. The usage of beads will enhance the concept further.

  • The children have to think about the number of objects on a particular set and multiply it with the number of sets. The pictures given along will help them to understand and will make the task very simple. 

  • Shopping skills and handing money is an essential skill in adulthood. 

  • Understanding them at an early age, and applying them in their life later is very crucial. 

  • The understanding of place value is fundamental, which is required in operating greater numbers. The children will be able to compare the numbers after counting them.  

  • The children will reinforce their imagination with the integration of language with this mathematical concept. 

  • The final task is to build a story around this concept. The pictorial representation in the sequential form will help them to weave a story.


NCERT Solutions Class 1 Maths Chapter 13: Important Key Points

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Maths Chapter 13 will help students to understand how to count objects in a greater number.

  • These notes are made keeping in mind the children present and further learning needs. 

  • The notes will improve their mathematical skills. 

  • This will help the child to learn mathematics in an interesting way. 

  • These  notes are provided with the pictures which will engage the children in the task. 

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Maths Chapter 13 - How Many

1.  How many questions are there in the chapter?

There are seven questions in the exercise at the end of the chapter. The questions challenge the students to observe and answer them correctly. The NCERT Solution Class 1 Chapter 13 explains all the tables and questions in an easy manner for the students to refer to. The students can download it for free and take help if they get stuck. There are also revision questions provided in the solution PDF on the Vedantu website and on the Vedantu app at free of cost.

2. What is greater- 4 tens or 8 fives?

The answer is that both the bubbles would be equal. This is because 4 tens are equal to 40 and 8 fives are also equal to 40. It is ideal that you practise questions like this to understand the concepts better and understand them quicker as well. These kinds of short answer questions can be asked in objective type in the exam and students need to answer them quickly to avoid wasting time. 

3. How can students download study material?

To download free study material students can visit Vedantu’s official website to download the material they need. Just adding necessary credential like Class, School and Exam Name, students can enjoy the free download for any subject they needed.

4. What is the main concept of Chapter 13 in the Class 1 Maths NCERT textbook?

The textbook's Chapter 13 is titled "How Many." The chapter's main objective is to teach pupils how to count and distinguish between things that appear less or more or less at first glance in pictures. A specific bundle or many items in a picture may indicate that it depicts more than one component of that object. For instance, a stick may be a single stick, while a bundle may contain ten sticks. This will be differentiated by students.

5. Why choose Vedantu NCERT Solution for Class 1 Maths Chapter 13?

Vedantu, offers answers pdfs for every exam, class and subject. Students can download the PDF and refer to it for any questions they may have. To assist you in better understanding the concepts, the solutions are written by knowledgeable teachers in simple language. The students can practise additional revision questions for nothing in order to ace the test.