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Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for Physics Chapter 13 AC Circuits - PDF

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for Physics Chapter 13 AC Circuits – Download Free PDF with Solution

Current Electricity is one of the most important segments of the Class 12 Physics syllabus. One of its chapters is Alternating Current Circuits. This chapter teaches the fundamentals of circuits formulated to pass AC current. In this chapter, students will learn how AC current is produced and how these circuits are used.

To understand the advanced concepts of this chapter, follow the AC Circuits solutions prepared by the subject matter experts of Vedantu. Get a clear idea of the laws, definitions and derivations of the fundamental principles of this chapter and make your preparation better.

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Importance of Maharashtra Board Class 12 Physics Chapter 13 AC Circuits

This chapter will introduce the students to the higher concepts of alternating current. They will learn how an alternating current behaves in a conductor along with graphs and mathematical interpretations.

The chapter will proceed to explain how alternating current is produced and what its features are. An AC circuit will then be discussed with all the components required to make one. This chapter will also explain the difference between an AC circuit and a DC circuit to make students understand the principles well.

On progressing further, students will also learn what the applications are of AC Circuits in the modern world. They will also learn to derive the values from the described formulas and answer fundamental questions in the exercises.

Students will also learn how an alternating current graph shows a waveform. The features of this graph will be explained with proper mathematical derivations. They will also learn what amplitude, frequency, wavelength, etc are.

Different types of AC Circuits will be explained in this chapter. Students will learn to identify and distinguish them from the described features. To make it easier, students can refer to the Maharashtra Board Class 12 Physics Solutions Chapter 13 AC Circuits compiled by the experts.

Benefits of Maharashtra State Board Class 12 Physics Solutions

  • This chapter is quite crucial for the Class 12 students as fundamental questions from it come in the board exams. To answer them correctly, you can refer to the solutions and find the easier explanation given by the experts.

  • The concise and easy format of these solutions will help you memorise the laws, definitions, derivations, equations, graphs, etc. You will also be able to recall them and will answer questions accurately to score more in the exams.

  • Forget the hassles of making concise solutions when the experts have already done it for you. Save your time and invest in preparing this chapter well.

  • Resolve all your doubts by referring to the Maharashtra State Board Class 12 Physics solutions of the exercises. Fortify your conceptual foundation and stay ahead of the competition.

Download AC Circuit Class 12 Solutions PDF Maharashtra Board

You can download the free PDF version of these solutions and refer to them anytime you want. Add more convenience to your study sessions by using these solutions to understand the concepts related to alternating current and AC circuits. Stay ahead of the competition by developing excellent answering skills by referring to the solutions of AC Circuit Class 12 important questions given in the exercises.

FAQs on Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for Physics Chapter 13 AC Circuits - PDF

1. What is an alternating current?

A current that changes its polarity and magnitude at a particular interval of time is called an alternating current.

2. What is a direct current?

A current that flows without fluctuating its polarity and magnitude in a particular direction is called a direct current.

3. What is amplitude?

The vertical distance between the highest peak and the lowest point in an electric waveform is called its amplitude.

4. What is the application of AC circuits?

AC current is what powers our homes and the entire world. Hence, we find the existence and utilisation of AC circuits in almost all kinds of electric appliances, electric motors, etc.

5. Where can we find DC circuits?

DC Circuits can be found in electrical appliances such as smartphones. It can be found in circuits that use batteries to run.