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The distance between the galaxy Andromeda and Earth is light years.
(A) \[2 \times {10^6}\]
(B) \[3 \times {10^8}\]
(C) \[22 \times {10^{16}}\]
(D) \[12 \times {10^8}\]

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Hint Andromeda is the nearest galaxy to the Milky way galaxy. Our planet Earth is a part of the Milky way galaxy. Distance between Andromeda and the Milky way is 2.5 million light years.

Complete step by step solution
The distance between heavenly bodies is calculated in terms of light years. Light year is the distance travelled by light in one Earth year which is equal to \[9.461 \times {10^{15}}\] metre.
Additional Information: Andromeda is also known as M31. Andromeda is the largest galaxy in the local group of galaxies and is more than twice the size of the Milky way. Andromeda and Milky way are the only two spiral galaxies which can be seen with naked eye in the month of November in the southern hemisphere on a moonless night. The existence of Andromeda being a galaxy was first hypothesized in the 17th century. Edwin Hubble confirmed the theory in 1925 when he discovered a variable star in the Andromeda galaxy.
The distance between Earth and Andromeda is approximately \[2.53 \times {10^6}\]light years.

The closest option is A.

Note Here we choose the closest option which was \[2 \times {10^6}\] light years however the actual distance is \[2.53{\text{ }}x{\text{ }}{10^6}\] light years, the difference is huge when it is seen in terms of light year. Here, are some fascinating facts:
(i) According to the United Nations, the average life expectancy of a human is 72.6 years. If we were to hop on the fastest car on Earth i.e. Bugatti Veyron’s (top speed is 270 mph) it would take around 2.54 million Earth years to reach Andromeda galaxy.
(ii) Similarly, if we are travelling in a NASA spacecraft which has a highest speed of 246,960.27 Kilometres per Hour It would take around 850 trillion hours.