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JEE Main 2024 Seat Allotment

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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About JEE Main Seat Allotment 2024 Procedure

JEE Main seat allotment is the most crucial step to getting admission to your desired course and college. Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) published the JEE Main 2024 result and conducted the counselling process. Candidates are advised to know a few information before taking a part in the counselling procedures like how many seats in JEE Main, previous years’ cut-off, and so on.

In this article, you will learn the steps involved in JEE Main seat allotment procedures which include registration, choice filling, result checking, counselling sessions, documents verification, and further procedures.

What else you will learn, let's check out. 

JEE Main Seat Allotment 2024 Registration

To register for the JEE Main Seat Allocation process, a candidate is required to log in to the JoSAA portal. A candidate has to use its JEE Main Application number and password to log in for the registration process. Once you log in to the portal, you need to fill in the required details. 

JEE Main Seat Allotment 2024 Choice Filling

When a candidate registers himself successfully on the official site of JEE Main, he has to fill in the desired college and course/branch. We advised candidates to check the previous year's cut-off of various courses of respective colleges and then fill in the seat. If a candidate fills in his choices as per the marks he obtained and follows the previous year’s trend, his probability of getting admission to a filled college increases.

JEE Main Seat Allotment 2024 Counselling Rounds

JEE Main counselling will be done in six rounds. JEE Main first round seat allotment provides the seat to the top scorers. It is not necessary that you may like the allotted seats, for that you can further participate in the JEE Main second round seat allotment process. For choosing or locking a seat, various options are available to you. Once you check your result, you can select any of the options as per your requirement. 

How to check the result and what are the available options? Read the article.

Result of JEE Main Seat Allotment 2024

How to check the results for JEE Main Seat Allotment 2024?

A candidate can check the JEE Main Seat Allotment result on the official website of JoSAA or JEE Main. To check your result, follow the given steps carefully:

  • Go to the official website of JEE Main counselling conducted body, i.e., JoSAA.

  • Click on the link text ‘JEE Main Seat Allotment.’

  • Enter your required login credentials.

  • You may be required to enter a security code as mentioned on your screen.

  • Click on the ‘View result’ and your result will be displayed on the screen.

What to do after JEE Main Seat Allotment results?

Once the JEE Main result gets declared, you can opt for any of the following options:

  • Freeze: This option is selected by those candidates who want to confirm the allocated seat. After choosing this option, they can not participate in a further round of counselling.

  • Float: If a candidate is satisfied with the allocated seat, but further looks up the better option to upgrade their seat, he/she will choose this option.

  • Slide:  It is similar to the Float. When a candidate opts Float option, he/she will be eligible for getting another college/institute, but by choosing Slide he/she will be able to get another branch of engineering in the chosen college/institute.

  • Withdraw: If a candidate freezes any of the seats from allocated seats, he may choose this option. Also, if he does not want to pursue the technical course, he may also withdraw his seat. For that, he must report to the allotted institute/college before the counselling session gets over.

JEE Main Seat Allotment 2024 Document Verification and Fee Submission

The candidates who locked their seats must be available at the allotted college on the scheduled dates for their document verification. Once the documents get verified, they have to submit the fee.

Documents Required for JEE Main Seat Allotment 2024

A candidate needs to produce the following list of documents, or else he may not be considered for admission.

  • Proof of date of birth

  • Class 12 mark sheet

  • Any ID proof issued by GOI

  • JEE Main admit card and score card

  • JoSAA Seat Allotment Letter 

  • Category and Disability proof (if any)

Fee Details for JEE Main Seat Allotment 2024: 

The fee structure for JEE Main seat allocation is given below:

Category of the Candidate

Amount to be Paid


Rs. 45,000

SC/ST/OBC/NCL/PwD of any category

Rs. 20,000

Where SC: Scheduled Caste, ST: Scheduled Tribes, OBC: Other Backward Class, NCL: Non-Creamy Layer, PwD: Physically Disabler Person.

JEE Main Seat Allotment 2024 Dates

The officials of JEE Main have not published the calendar for JEE Main Seat Allotment dates. Usually, the counselling is conducted in six rounds followed by mock counselling.

You are advised to check the official website of JEE Main to get the latest update. We will also update you once the JEE Main seat allocation calendar gets published.

JEE Main Seat Allotment 2024 Spot Counselling

Spot counselling is conducted when all usual rounds of counselling will be conducted by JoSAA/CSAB. It is mainly done for vacant seats after all rounds of counselling. There is no registration needed for Spot counselling. But those candidates who have not registered for JEE Main counselling need to register for Spot counselling.

If no seat is allocated to a candidate or a candidate missed all the rounds of counselling can opt for this counselling session. 


JEE Main 2024 opens the door to get entry to the Central and state government college in India. It also enables the options for a candidate to get admission to India’s top private engineering and architecture/planning college. From this academic year 2024, AKTU, Lucknow, and MMMUT, Gorakhpur, will also use the scorecard of JEE Main for admission purposes in various engineering or architecture courses. So, work hard and get admission to your dream college.

FAQs on JEE Main 2024 Seat Allotment

1. What are the personal documents required for verification for JEE main seat allocation?

A candidate must produce the following documents in support of his identification:

  • Date of birth proof

  • State of eligibility

  • Category and disability proof (if any)

2. For how many days are the provisional keys displayed?

The provisional keys are displayed for only 2-3 days. A candidate can challenge the Provisional Answer Key at the non-refundable cost of 200 Rs. per question.