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JEE Main 2024 Question Paper with Solutions 9 April Shift 1

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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The National Testing Agency (NTA), the organiser of JEE Main, conducted the 9th April JEE Main Shift 1 2024 exam in 13 regional languages.

It is essential for candidates yet to take other JEE Main 2024 sessions to understand the overall difficulty level of the paper and get expert analysis. Candidates who appeared are also waiting to evaluate their performance through detailed question paper analysis and solutions by master teachers.

The good news is that a comprehensive analysis of the questions and official answer key of the JEE Main 9 April Shift 1 Question Paper with solutions is available on Vedantu. Candidates can download the complete paper of the 9 April JEE Main Session 2 Shift 1 Question Paper as free PDFs from our website now.

JEE Main Subject-Wise Question Paper 2024 -  9 April Shift 1

Get ready for the JEE Main by using subject-specific question papers strategically. The table provided below finds the 9th April JEE Main Shift 1 Session 2 Papers. They are designed to aid your preparation. Improve your abilities and feel more confident by practicing with 9th April JEE Main Shift 1 Question Paper. 

How to Download JEE Main 2024 Question Paper 9 April Shift 1?

Candidates can download the memory-based questions with solutions for the JEE Main 9 April Shift 1 as a PDF. Simply click the links to get free PDFs of the answers. By downloading the question paper solutions, candidates can analyse the exam difficulty level, estimate their score, predict the cut-off, and their potential rank.

Compared to last year, candidates found the overall questions moderately to difficult this year. However, some reported difficulty in answering application-based problems. Detailed JEE Main Review of every question in the JEE Main 2024 paper will be available. Useful tips and tricks will also be shared to improve performance in the upcoming JEE Main.

Candidates should examine the types of questions from each topic/concept discussed in JEE Main Session 2 Paper Analysis and refine their approach accordingly.

JEE Main 9 April Shift 1 Question Paper Analysis 2024

The JEE Main Review for the 9 April session 2 shift 1 question paper has been provided below for students’ reference. In general, the JEE Main 9th April Shift 1 exam presented a moderate level of difficulty. Physics and Chemistry sections were relatively manageable, featuring questions primarily from the 11th standard syllabus. However, the Mathematics section proved to be challenging and time-consuming, requiring more effort to solve the questions. There were no questions asked from the JEE Main deleted syllabus 2024. 

Here is the table with an overall JEE Main Review of April 9 Shift 1 Question Paper 2024: 



Overall Difficulty Level

Moderate to Difficult

Mathematics Difficulty Level

Difficult and Lengthy

Physics Difficulty Level


Chemistry Difficulty Level

Tricky and Easy

Mathematics chapters with high weightage


Permutations and Combinations


Integral Calculus

Limit and Continuity

Physics chapters with high weightage

Current Electricity



Fluid Mechanics

Chemistry chapters with high weightage






Block Chemistry


JEE Mains April 9 Shift 1 Paper Analysis: Physics 

  • Difficulty: Moderate difficulty 

  • Question Types: Primarily MCQs with single and multiple correct options, with a decent representation of various Physics sub-topics.

  • The majority of questions are logic-driven. The formulas required were not excessively lengthy.

  • There were more questions from the 11th standard syllabus.

  • Important Topics: Current Electricity, Circuits, Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics. 

JEE Mains April 9 Shift 1 Paper Analysis: Maths

  • Difficulty: Lengthy and Tough

  • Question Types: A good balance of MCQs with single and multiple correct options, along with some numerical-based problems.

  • Most questions asked were Formula-based and Almost all the topics were covered.

  • Important Topics: Quadratics, Permutations and Combinations, Probability, Integral Calculus, Limit and Continuity.

JEE Mains April 9 Shift 1 Paper Analysis: Chemistry 

  • Difficulty: Easiest of all three sections.

  • Question Types: A blend of MCQs with single and multiple correct options, testing knowledge across physical, inorganic, and organic chemistry.

  • More theory-based questions were asked. 

  • There were 4-5 numerical questions. 

  • Most of the questions were from Inorganic and Organic Chemistry.

  • Important Topics: Bonding, Structure, Periodic, Assertion, Coordination, Block Chemistry, Salt, and Biomolecules. There were fewer questions from Physical Chemistry.

Additional Information:

  • The JEE Main 2024 question paper will be available in 13 regional languages, including English and Hindi.

  • The exam will be conducted in two shifts: morning and afternoon.

  • The morning shift will be held from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, and the afternoon shift will be held from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

  • Candidates will be given three hours to complete the exam.

  • The exam will consist of 90 questions, divided into three sections: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

  • Each section will have 30 questions.

  • The questions will be of objective type, with multiple-choice answers.

  • Candidates will be awarded four marks for each correct answer and one mark will be deducted for each incorrect answer.

JEE Main 2024 Question Paper PDF with Solutions


The  JEE Main Session 2 Shift 1 Question Paper with Solutions serves as an invaluable resource for aspirants preparing for this highly competitive examination. Offering detailed solutions and analysis, these materials aid in understanding the overall difficulty level, identifying key areas of focus, and refining preparation strategies. While the overall difficulty level was moderate, the Mathematics section proved lengthy, while the Physics and Chemistry sections ranged from easy to moderate. With a thorough examination of each subject's topics and question types, candidates can enhance their readiness and confidence for the upcoming JEE Main exams.

FAQs on JEE Main 2024 Question Paper with Solutions 9 April Shift 1

1. Which was the most difficult section inJEE Main 9th April Shift 1 Question Paper?

The most difficult section in JEE Main 2024 Session 2 April 9 Shift 1 was Maths. The Maths section was tough and lengthy. Most questions asked were Formula-based.

2. What is the difficulty level of JEE Mains Paper 1 Session 2 Shift 1 on April 9?

JEE Main 2024 Session 1 April 9 Shift 1 Analysis



Difficulty Level






Difficult and Lengthy



Tricky and Easy

3. Which subject is easier in JEE Mains Session 1 2024 on April 9 Shift 1?

In JEE Mains Session 1 2024 on April 9 Shift 1, Chemistry was reported to be the easier subject compared to Physics and Maths. More theory-based questions were asked in Chemistry. 

4. Is it easy to score 120 inJEE Main 9th April Shift 1 Question Paper?

Scoring 120 in JEE Mains 2024 Session 2 April 9 Shift 1 can be challenging, as it depends on various factors such as your preparation level, understanding of the subjects, and the difficulty level of the exam questions. While it's not impossible to achieve a score of 120, it would require consistent and thorough preparation, as well as a strong grasp of the concepts across all subjects tested in the exam. Additionally, the actual difficulty level of the exam on the given date will also play a significant role in determining whether scoring 120 is achievable.

5. How can I predict my rank or college based on this analysis?

Vedantu offers rank predictor and college predictor which predicts ur rank based on your score and the analysis of the question paper.

6. How can I access the JEE Main 9th April Shift 1 Question Paper PDF?

  • Visit the official website of Vedantu.

  • Look for the section related to JEE Main 2024 question papers or exam resources.

  • Find the link or option specifically for the April 9 Shift 1 question paper.

  • Click on the provided link to download the PDF file.

  • Once the PDF file is downloaded, you can open it using a PDF reader on your device and view or print it as needed.