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It is a hot summer day, Priyanshi and Ali are wearing cotton and nylon clothes respectively. Who do you think would be more comfortable and why?

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint: In summer, the temperature of the atmosphere is more than the temperature of the human body. To balance this our body has its own counter mechanism called sweating. We just have to know how cotton and nylon can have an impact on these mechanisms and answer accordingly.

Complete answer:
In the question, it is given that Priyanshi is wearing cotton clothes and Ali is wearing nylon clothes on a hot summer day. Let’s see what happens in a human body during summer:

On summer days, the temperatures of the surrounding environment are higher than our body temperature. This rise in temperature can have a bad impact on our body organs. So our body counterbalances this situation by producing sweat. This helps to release heat from the body. The sweat so produced, gives a cooling impact on the skin due to its evaporation. Cotton clothes are a good absorber of sweat whereas nylon is a bad absorber of sweat. Hence, the sweat produced can easily be absorbed and hence evaporated through cotton and so it is comfortable to wear cotton clothes but the opposite happens in case of nylon as absorption and evaporation are difficult so it’s uncomfortable to wear in summer.

So, we can say that Priyanshi will feel more comfortable in summer as she is wearing cotton clothes whereas Ali will feel less comfortable as she is wearing nylon cloth.

Note: Cotton is a natural fibre. It is obtained from the seeds of the cotton plant and is made of cellulose, pectin, water, and wax. It is used to produce shirts, dresses, t-shirts, towels, robes, etc. Whereas nylon is a synthetic fiber. It is manufactured using carboxylic acid and diamine. Nylon is used to make garments such as leggings, stockings, swimwear, and athletic wear. It is also used to produce parachutes, ropes and bags.